How to Wrap a Wine Glass and a Wine Bottle

You’re not alone if the first thing you want to do after a long day moving is sit down and rink a glass of wine in your new home. Many people mark the box holding their wine glasses “open first!”

So you can imagine what a tragedy it would be if you opened that box to learn that your wine glasses had broken in transit! We put this video together on how to properly pack a wine glass in order to help you learn how to best pack your wine glasses and wine bottles.

With tips from our professional packing team, you won’t have to worry about anything except making sure you unpack the wine bottle opener too!

The best way to pack a wine bottle is:

  1. Wrap the bottle diagonally and tuck the corners of the paper under the side
  2. Balled up paper makes for a solid base
  3. Pack bottles upright for maximum stability
  4. Red wines should be stored on their side or upside down
  5. Remember: opened bottles cannot be shipped in a move

The best way to pack a wine glass is:

  1. Diagonally wrap glasses to protect the stem
  2. Use balled up paper as a solid base
  3. Use un-inked paper, as newspaper ink can rub off on the glass
  4. Write “Fragile” on every side of the box

Then when you’re in your new home, unwrap and enjoy! If you want to make your move and packing worry-free, learn more about Suddath’s professional packing services.