How Storage Services Can Make Your Miami Local Move Easier

Planning the logistics of your Miami local move can be complicated, and an issue that often comes up during a move is the need for temporary storage. Perhaps you’re moving to a smaller home or a house with a different layout than your current residence. Or, maybe you’re selling your home, and you need to remove most of your belongings so potential buyers can picture themselves there. And of course, there’s always the possibility that your house might sell before you’ve had a chance to find another place.

In these situations, and many others, storage services can make your move much more manageable, which is why Miami moving companies like Suddath offer these essential services. But what are some more reasons you might need storage services, and if you do, what kind of storage do you need?

Reasons to Use Storage During Your Miami Move

Two of the biggest stress reducers during a move are hiring professional Miami movers and using storage services to protect your possessions during delays in completing your move. Several specific situations might warrant you needing storage during a move:

  • You have to move out of your home on short notice, and your new house isn’t ready yet. Perhaps you’re planning to stay with extended family or in a hotel for a while, and you don’t want to have to move twice.
  • Your new home is being built, and there’s a delay in its construction. It’s relatively common for the completion of a home to take at least a month longer than anticipated, which can result in a delay in closing on your new home.
  • You’re selling your house and need to declutter for staging purposes. Real-estate staging experts recommend removing at least two-thirds of your belongings for optimum staging, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want those items once you get to the new house.
  • You have renovations to complete on your new home before bringing in your stuff. It’s much easier to paint, replace the flooring, and complete other remodeling projects before the movers bring in your furniture. In this situation, “storing in transit” services will buy you the extra time you need.
  • You’re downsizing to a smaller home. While we don’t recommend permanently storing unwanted belongings, arranging to store items you plan to sell or donate can save you valuable time during a move. This solution will also allow you to postpone decisions about what to keep.
  • You’re moving twice and don’t want to bring everything to your interim destination. Not all moves are permanent, so having the moving company store some of your stuff can be ideal in this situation.

Different Types of Storage Miami Movers May Offer

One of the decisions you’ll face when considering a mover that offers storage services is deciding which type of facility they should use to store your things. When researching Miami moving companies, be sure to select a company that offers both storage and moving services as well as the type of storage solution you need. A full-service moving company may offer multiple storage options:

Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature-controlled storage is just what it sounds like. Typically, a temperature-controlled storage unit keeps the temperature somewhere between 50- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Although the terms “temperature-controlled” and “climate-controlled” are often used interchangeably, not all temperature-controlled units offer climate control. The main difference between temperature control and climate control is humidity. While temperature-controlled facilities usually only regulate temperature, climate-controlled facilities manage both temperature and humidity. If you’re interested in humidity control, be sure to ask the mover you’re considering if their “climate-controlled” storage truly controls humidity as well as temperature.

Regular Storage

Before making the decision to skip climate control, consider what kinds of items you will be storing and how long you plan to keep them in storage. In some places, even your most delicate belongings might do okay without climate control, depending on the time of year. However, it’s always humid in South Florida, which is why Miami moving companies like Suddath offer climate-controlled storage for those who want it.

What Can You Safely Store in Each Type of Unit?

Some items are more susceptible to damage from heat and humidity than others, and the effects are cumulative over time. Consider how long you will need storage and make a list of the types of belongings you have.

Items You Can Store in a Temperature Controlled Unit

In general, items that need a temperature-controlled unit are those that could expand or crack as a result of high heat. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Leather
  • Photos
  • Fine art
  • Wine
  • Antiques
  • Electronics
  • Vinyl records
  • Medical supplies and medications

In addition to those items that are particularly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, virtually all household items can benefit in some way from temperature-controlled storage. In Miami, temperatures often rise above the ideal maximum of 85 degrees.

Items Needing Climate-Controlled Storage

Many of the same items that will need temperature control would also benefit from climate-controlled storage that includes humidity control. Let’s face it: With Miami’s relatively moderate year-round temperatures, moisture and humidity are probably a bigger concern than the temperature during a move involving local storage.

Climate-controlled storage is designed to improve overall air quality and maintain both temperature and humidity levels. Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether or not an item needs climate-controlled storage:

  • Is the article susceptible to mold and mildew?
  • Can it crack, warp, or become discolored from exposure to moisture?
  • Does the item need to stay within a very narrow temperature range?
  • Is it rare, sentimental, or valuable?

It’s difficult to predict the weather, of course, or know precisely how your belongings will respond to extreme heat or humidity, which is why opting for climate-controlled storage services can offer you one of the most important benefits of all—peace of mind.

If you still aren’t convinced about the importance of climate control for vulnerable items, think about times when you’ve retrieved old pictures and clothing from a basement or attic. Chances are those items degraded more than similar items that were stored, say, in a closet inside your air-conditioned home.

Items That You Can Have Stored in a Regular Vault or Warehouse

When storing low-risk items for a short period during mild weather, regular storage can be an affordable option. The following items do particularly well in most conditions during transport and storage:

  • Tools
  • Camping gear
  • Vacuumed-sealed clothing

Climate control isn’t always essential when you’re storing your belongings for a short time, but If you plan on leaving virtually everything you own with a moving company for several weeks, climate control might be a good idea.

How to Pack in Preparation for Storage

Regardless of the storage solution you choose, proper packing techniques will help protect your belongings. If you’re doing your own packing, the following tips will help you prepare your belongings for storage:

  • Use packing tape to secure boxes properly.
  • Make sure items are clean and dry before placing them in boxes.
  • Do not store anything that’s broken or label boxes containing broken items.

Trusted Miami Local Movers

Don’t risk a lifetime’s worth of belongings to just any Miami movers. Suddath is a top-rated Miami local moving company. For nearly 70 years, we’ve provided moving services in Miami and South Florida. We value our long-standing reputation for quality, which is why we are committed to handling your load with the highest level of care throughout the entire process. Whether you’re moving from Hialeah to Hollywood or from Coral Gables to Doral, Suddath is fully equipped to handle all of your local moving and storage needs.

New State-of-the-Art Warehouse in Miami’s Hialeah Area

Our brand new storage facility in Miami’s Hialeah area allows us to offer a variety of storage solutions:

  • Storage in transit (SIT) in case your new home isn’t ready.
  • The ability to declutter for real estate showings or during remodeling.
  • Long-term or vault storage for non-permanent relocations.

We offer:

One way Suddath sets itself apart from other moving and storage companies is that when you select us as your mover, we provide you with a dedicated move coordinator. Your personal coordinator will assist you during every step of your move, including helping you select the storage services that are right for you.

Moving can be a stressful time, so knowing your belongings are in good hands is vital. The bottom line is that letting us handle your moving and storage needs will reduce your stress and make even the most complicated Miami local move look easy.

To prepare for your Miami move, read our Miami Moving Guide, and contact us today for a free moving and storage estimate.