6 Things to Know About Moving on a Holiday Weekend

“Plan ahead” is the cardinal rule of all household moves, but it will be especially important if you’re moving on a holiday weekend like Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. Here are some moving tips to watch out for when dealing with the extra challenges of holiday moving.

1. Friends and family may be busy

If you’re looking for help on moving day, and plan to move on a holiday or holiday weekend, you may want to ask friends or family well in advance. Many will have plans that don’t involve hauling heavy objects, especially during warm weather holidays. One of the most important moving tips will be to ask early, before people make plans. If you do recruit friends and family to help you move, consider ordering food and hosting a combined holiday/thank you party.

2. Movers may be unavailable, booked or busy

With high demand, many moving companies are booked on holidays. The spring/summer season is also a period of low availability so you’ll want to check with your moving provider and schedule far in advance on any holiday.

3. Many stores are closed on holidays

Moving day often brings with it a need for last-minute supplies. If moving yourself, stock up for every possible contingency including extra tape, extra boxes, snacks, bottled water, garbage bags, packing paper and furniture pads. Professional moving companies will have all of this on move day.

4. Roads may be closed

Plan your route in anticipation of road closures for parades and other events. Roads in some states may have travel restrictions for heavy loads. Check with your moving company, they will be able to share these kinds of traffic-related moving tips with you in advance.

5. Watch out for drunk drivers

It’s a sad reality, but the incidents of drunk driving and the risk of accidents goes up every holiday. Plan to get your move done earlier in the day if possible.

6. Hotels may be booked

If you had planned on staying in a hotel on the night before your move, book your room well in advance.

If you have any leeway in planning your moving date, there is a strong case for not moving on a holiday weekend. If the only time that works falls on such a date, planning ahead can help avoid pitfalls and minimize the inconvenience.

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