5 Moving Tips for a Summer Relocation

Most people plan their relocation between May and September to take advantage of active housing markets, lighter workloads (for some) and a summer break which means less impact on kids’ routines and sleep schedules. The downside is, the heat can wreak havoc. If you decide on a summer relocation, here are some helpful moving tips to add to your checklist.

1. Reserve early and confirm

Summer is high season, so one of the best moving tips to follow is booking your truck or hiring your movers early. Be sure to confirm your reservation a month in advance so you have time to make adjustments if necessary.

2. Be safe in the heat

As with any other summer activity, have lots of water on hand. Moving is a physically intense activity. Add water, sports drinks and light snacks to your moving checklist.

3. Make arrangements for kids and pets

With a house full of boxes, movers and moving equipment, there may not be many places for kids and pets to stay cool. The doors will be open for extended periods as well, making air-conditioning inefficient. If you don’t have a shady backyard to occupy little ones, arrange to have kids stay with a relative or friend and put the animals in pet day care.

4. Take care of your movers on a hot day

Offering water, other drinks and cold damp towels will earn heartfelt thanks from your movers.

5. Identify heat-sensitive belongings

Candles are a top fatality in hot moving trucks. They can even melt onto other belongings and cause permanent damage. Chocolate and hard candies easily get mixed in with other belongings and cause similar havoc. Shrink-wrapped clothing, vinyl records, photographs and CDs are also susceptible to heat damage. Check user manuals for devices and appliances you may want to put in the moving truck; some will have heat warnings.

Moves in any season benefit from plenty of advance preparation. If you’re working with movers, ask them for tips and experience on prepping for a safe and successful summer move.

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