5 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Most people in North America move somewhere between May and September, putting July right in the middle. There are merits to moving at different times of the year. Summer has the advantage of summer vacation, meaning less impact on kids’ routines and sleep schedules. Work responsibilities may be a bit lighter in the summer for some people (especially teachers) making it easier to free up the necessary time. That said, summer heat can wreak havoc on your move. If you do decide to move in the summer months, here are some items for your moving checklist.

1. Reserve your truck/book your move well in advance

Because it can be a popular season for moves, booking your truck or hiring your movers in advance significantly reduces unwelcome surprises as the day gets closer.

2. Be safe in the heat

As with any other summer activity, have lots of water on hand. If you are moving yourself (and your family), moving is an intense activity and can make you work up a sweat even in colder weather. This is magnified in the summer months. Add water, hydrating drinks, and light snacks to your moving checklist.

3. Take special care of kids and pets

ith a house full of boxes, movers, and moving equipment, there are few shady places for kids and pets to stay out of the heat. The doors will be open for extended periods as well, making air-conditioning inefficient, and window units may already have been removed from houses without central air. Arranging to have kids stay with a relative or friend for the day and putting the animals in pet day care can make sense on hot moving days.

4. Take care of your movers on a hot day

Adding extra water, drinks, and cold damp towels for the crew to your moving checklist is a great way to earn good karma with your movers. They may have moved multiple houses already that day, and may have more to go. This will ultimately keep them safe, hydrated and more efficient.

5. Take care of belongings that can get damaged by heat

Candles are a top fatality in hot moving trucks. What’s worse, they can melt onto other belongings and cause permanent damage. Chocolate and hard candies have a way of becoming hidden in kids’ clothes and belongings. Shrink-wrapped clothing can also lead to disaster, as can vinyl records and CDs. Some equipment should never be stored in extreme heat or sun so evaluate the type of equipment you have and refer to user manuals for transportation tips. Marking certain items as unsafe for the heat is a good tip to add to your moving checklist.

Moves in any season benefit from plenty of advance preparation. If you’re working with movers, ask them for tips and experience on prepping for a safe and successful summer move.

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