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It doesn’t matter if your new home is across the country, world, or even just around the corner – moving is stressful. Suddath® has been relieving that stress since 1919, with our dedication to quality and customer trust. As a local moving company, we pride ourselves in helping you to plan, manage as well as pack and deliver your belongings with care. If you need secure, local storage for certain items, we can do that too.

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We take moving personally

What differentiates Suddath from every other moving company is that we offer a highly personalized experience. Every move is assigned a move coordinator who will assist you in choosing your move services from our do-it-yourself packing options to a full-service move.

Planning your move
When it comes to moving, we can see into the future. With a century of experience in the industry, if you don’t have a set moving date, we can give you advice on what moving date to choose based on peak moving days, traffic concerns and holidays. We also assist by offering self-packing supplies and a guide with step-by-step moving tips.

Full-service packing and unpacking
Our full-service move includes premium materials, such as pads and wraps, that keep your things safe – every single one of our packers spends a week training with us on to properly pack and unpack belongings to ensure they stay safe. Training always happens on our time, not yours. However, if your budget is the top priority, we also have do-it-yourself packing options.

Do-it-yourself packing and unpacking
Let’s find the right solution for your budget. You can do all of your packing and unpacking with do-it-yourself packing options, or you can box up the smaller items and let us do the heavy lifting.

Call us today to learn more about local moving and storage options or get a local moving quote.

Household goods storage
Suddath also offers temporary or long-term secure household goods storage, with temperature- or climate-controlled storage in locations that need it. Our secure locations will keep your belongings secure until you need them.

Get to know your local moving company

Since we opened our doors in 1919, Suddath has taken pride out of moving people and families locally. We have built our reputation on the personal attention and care that we provide our customers. We know that our business lives on the training and qualifications of every single one of our movers and move coordinators, and the customer service we provide you. With our dedication to training and quality, Suddath can get you where you’re going – the right way.

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