What Does a Move Coordinator Do?

“If you have begun the moving and packing process, you have probably stumbled across the term “move coordinator” throughout your research. But what exactly is a move coordinator, what do they do and how can having one affect your move?

The move coordinator has many job functions, but the most important is to assist you throughout the process and ensure a smooth, efficient and stress-free moving experience – whether you are moving across the street, across the country or moving internationally. Although similar, the role of an international move coordinator (or sometimes referred to as a move counselor) differs somewhat from a domestic move coordinator due to the additional steps that need to be taken when moving internationally.

Domestic Move Coordinator

During a move across the country, to another state or even across town, your move coordinator will still handle the logistics of your move including communicating with all parties involved in moving, packing and shipping your belongings as well communicating with you throughout the entire move process.

International Move Counselor

During an international move, these individuals will advise you of necessary documentation for customs clearance, organize and prepare shipments for export, manage the logistics at the port at origin and destination, and communicate with international agents on shipment instructions and confirm quality standards are met.



After you decide to work with Suddath®, you will be assigned your personal move coordinator who will conduct a pre-move call to address all expectations, service requirements and concerns that may come up during your relocation.


Suddath will conduct a pre-move survey, either via video or in-person, of your current residence which will help identify logistical details to fulfill your move which could include:

  • Items needing to be packed
  • The number of containers, boxes, etc. needed
  • Specialized services that may be necessary (e.g., crating artwork, moving high-value, oversized items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, etc.)
  • Location information (parking, restrictions, etc.)

Your move coordinator will then contact you to review details, including valuation options, special service requirements, time required for the move and scheduling moving dates.

Critical – Move

The day prior to your move, your coordinator will contact you to confirm the move schedule and verify the arrival time of our certified, background-checked moving and packing crew.

We then begin a series of check-in calls, texts or emails (depending on preference) to verify service, execution and quality performance. These communications occur at least one time during each day of the move, including pack day(s), load day, transit day(s), delivery day(s) and post-move.

Post – Delivery

Your Suddath move coordinator will contact you to obtain a full, detailed assessment of your experience. At that time, we are also able to determine if there will be a need for any claims assistance. If a claim needs to be filed, the move coordinator will initiate the process.

If you are preparing for a move, cross country or internationally, the experts at Suddath have the knowledge and resources to get the job done right. Give us a call or fill out the form and let’s get moving.