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Suddath® has been a Charlotte local mover for over a decade. Our team is trusted by people and their families to deliver reliable, quality local moving services. With a 4.7-star rating overall based on Google customer reviews and 5/5 star-ratings on-site, Suddath is providing top-rated local moving services in Charlotte. Providing the highest level of service, our crews work diligently to provide a quality moving experience at a price that matches or beats our local competitors.

A less stressful local move. Our depth of experience, extensively trained employees and supportive, customizable moving services set us apart from the competition in the Charlotte area. We have built on the trust customers have given us in order to continually provide better and more convenient local moving services to support an easier transition.

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Easy Video Walkthrough and Estimate

We understand that moving is one of the most stressful times in life. Our goal is to simplify the local moving process, all the way from the initial quote process through to the final delivery of your goods.

With Suddath, we make getting a moving estimate easier – giving you the option to do to a walkthrough virtually via a mobile device, or by scheduling an in-person walkthrough with one of our experienced representatives. Choose the option that is most convenient for you and your schedule.

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Flexible and Customizable Services

Even in a local move, customers may have many needs that fall outside of the standard moving needs. You may need special care for antiques, art, wine collections, piano moving or even car transportation. Suddath can perform or to arrange trusted partners to meet every need and work to fit it within your budget.

Every customer is assigned a professional move coordinator who will personally assist you at every step of the process. If you have any need throughout your local move, this person will act as an advisor on how to keep your move on budget, on time and as stress-free as possible, no matter what your needs. 

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Custom Packing and Unpacking Solutions

Our team is trained to help pack every item in your house or help you with your own packing solution that fits your timeline and budget.

With partial packing, we pack based on your direction, and we also offer quality materials and advice if you opt for DIY packing. Of course, on moving day, we wrap your furniture and protect your home space as we securely load your belongings in the truck for transit.

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Declutter and Store Your Belongings

If you need assistance removing unnecessary items or furniture before staging your Charlotte home, our team can quickly come in and assist with temporary storage.

We can also assist you with any other long or short-term storage needs. Our secure and climate-controlled 50,000 square-foot warehouse will store your goods until you need them in your new home.

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Piano Moving

Pianos are a valued family belonging and require expert techniques to move safely and securely. Suddath has specially trained professionals who can successfully move your piano and instruments.

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Custom Crating

Items that are particularly delicate, fragile or irregularly sized may require their own tailored, custom crates. Our team of experts will take measurements and build a custom crate to spec to protect these items.

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White-Glove Moving

Prefer a full-service, hands-free local move? Suddath is happy to provide white-glove service options that allow you to continue with your normal daily life while we handle every single aspect of your move.

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Storage Services

Our team can carefully store your household goods, even delicate items like antiques, art or wine collections. Suddath can safely pack, move, and store your antiques with white-glove care. 

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How can I make sure I’m hiring the best Charlotte local moving company?

The best way to investigate the Charlotte local moving company you hire is first, to check online sources and reputable third-party websites. Once you have completed a read of Google Reviews, check with independent organizations like the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”). They exist to verify that the companies you are considering are established and accredited. If the local mover you are considering has had complaints filed with the BBB, you can easily access that information.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, is another resource of valuable information. This organization exists to ensure that all commercial carrier vehicles that meet certain requirements have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. With the DOT number, look up your moving company on the FMCSA website. You can also ask the moving company directly for their (DOT) number.

We also recommend that you ask your mover for any accreditations they have earned and what industry associations they belong to. Lastly, request their insurance information and be sure it’s up to date. Any reputable moving company is accustomed to supplying this information to its customers and will do so willingly.

Lastly, pay special attention to the company’s process for providing a quote. Before they can provide customers with a moving quote, moving companies must perform a home walkthrough prior to moving day. If the pricing is vague or if the company is unwilling to commit to a specific number, we recommend finding a different moving company in the Charlotte area.

How do you train your crew members?

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life because it is so personal, and you have strangers entering your home and handling your personal belongings. Inexperienced, rude or difficult movers can quickly make the experience a terrible one.

That is why we not only put our crews through rigorous training, but background check and drug test them as well.

From the moment they knock on your door, our team is there to serve you. Your move is not just another check on the “to-do” list – our crew’s experience in moving only makes them more sensitive to the experience, not less. We attract and retain the very best drivers and crews because our investment in our employees is legendary in the industry. We have the awards and recognition to back it up, with regular recognition from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and multiple Driver of the Year awards from United Van Lines to prove that our people are leaders in the industry.

What is valuation coverage?

One of the first things you should know is that valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation coverage is an agreement between you and your moving company over claims and their liability for those claims. Moving companies are obligated under federal law to offer it to you – if they do not, it may be a sign that they are a disreputable or “rogue” mover.

Essentially, it means that if your goods are lost or damaged and they are at fault, the mover agrees to pay that agreed-upon amount. For example, Suddath offers standard Released Value Protection (RVP) valuation coverage at $0.60 per pound of your shipment.

As part of the moving process, you will want to explore if valuation coverage will work for you, or if you’d like to insure your goods through an insurance company – by law, your mover cannot sell you insurance, and you will have to go through a dedicated company.

Learn more about your valuation coverage options in our blog post on the subject.

How do you handle parking and elevator challenges in Charlotte?

When moving a customer in downtown Charlotte, there are sometimes challenges with regard to parking or elevator reservations. Suddath has a great relationship with many property managers and the Charlotte City Management Office, and we are able to anticipate when there may be situations that require us to bring in a shuttle or get a parking permit prior to arrival.

With over a decade of service in Charlotte, our coordinators are very familiar with the properties and roads that require extra work on our part. Your coordinator will manage this process for you and keep you informed of any steps you need to take to ensure that your move is completed smoothly.

Can you store my household goods in Charlotte?

Absolutely. As a Charlotte moving company, Suddath has climate-controlled space just for storing our customers’ household items as long as necessary. With over 3 million square feet of space across the nation, Suddath’s storage facilities are also trusted by companies to store their products and goods. We frequently store food, medical supplies, and many other items that our business customers depend on to keep safe. Because of this, our Charlotte storage warehouse uses state-of-the-art security to keep your household items safe.

In addition to the training our drivers and operators receive, Suddath invests significantly in training our warehouse staff. In these training sessions, they are taught best practices for proper crating of your goods. This ensures that not only are your goods stored to prevent damage, but they’re also tracked using best-in-class warehouse technology.

For customers who feel that seeing is believing, your coordinator is happy to schedule a tour of our Charlotte warehouse.

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