Our Proprietary Technology

Suddath® developed a proprietary software system that we built from the ground up to manage workplace relocation and facility support services. With this technology, clients now have the ability to place and manage service requests online all the way through receiving real-time confirmation of service delivery.

Our system has individual modules that address specific client and internal requirements. All of the modules integrate with each other and were developed with universal application in mind. Modules do not require clients to make big hardware or software investments and instead complement existing client systems and processes. Not only does this technology offer efficiency, accuracy and transparency, it streamlines communication leaving more time to focus on delivering services with a personal touch.

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Portal Module

The Portal module is our secure, web-based system that allows clients to request and manage services online. Clients can initiate and track their orders and receive automatic, real-time updates throughout the service delivery process. This is a significant improvement over the typical email and phone call initiation process that a vast majority of relocation providers currently offer. Portal also provides customizable reporting to help clients measure and manage activity and cost.


Estimator Module

We are the first national workplace relocation company to develop and utilize digital commercial move estimating technology. The rest of the commercial moving industry relies on an outdated manual process that can be very inaccurate and inefficient. When you receive a pricing proposal from Suddath, you will receive a thorough move inventory, a fully documented scope of services with specific manpower and equipment commitments, and an accurate guaranteed price. Not only does our estimating technology increase accuracy, it improves communication and customer service. We begin building your estimate from the first conversation – ensuring that you don’t need to tell us the same things twice. All relevant information is captured and shared so our project managers and service crews arrive informed and ready to help – all of the right information is at our fingertips so we can dedicate more time on helping you.


Tracker Module

Suddath is the only company in the industry that digitally tracks inventory and move status during commercial moves. The Tracker module imports the move to/from list and generates computer printed labels and placards that include a QR code which captures and tracks inventory and move status from origin to destination for each employee and/or area. With Tracker, our clients can literally watch the project dashboard move from 0% to 100% complete and notifies the employee when their space is ready and they can go back to work. Additionally, our system won’t allow a move to be completed until our quality standards at destination are met and validated.

  • All items delivered
  • Desktop equipment connected and functional
  • Cables properly managed
  • Access to the workspace is clear
  • Contents staged correctly with the move labels out

Our proprietary technology is changing the way moves, furniture and facilities related support is delivered and we are setting the innovation curve for our industry. Contact us today to start a conversation.