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Suddath® does more than get you from one location to another: We also give you choices, flexibility and peace of mind. Over the last century, we've grown from being a family-owned residential moving company to one of the world's leaders in logistics services, storage solutions, international and cross-country moving and more. Our extensively trained teams are experts in their specialties, from packing and moving to supply-chain management and employee relocation.


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Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

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Services to Meet All of Your Seattle Residential Moving Needs

Not all Seattle moving companies can take care of everything from planning your move to safely storing your household goods, but Suddath can.

Our moving and storage services give you a wide range of options, whether your move is local, long-distance or international. Each of our services is designed to take the hassle and unnecessary expense out of moving so that you can relax and focus on your new destination. If you're searching for local moving companies that can take you anywhere, contact Suddath first to learn more about our customized services or to request a moving quote.

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san jose relocation specialist discussing employee moveSeattle relocation management specialist discussing employee move plans

Employee Relocation for Seattle Companies

Our comprehensive corporate employee relocation services include the assistance of expert move coordinators throughout each move, experienced moving crews, and ongoing programs that help you transform employee relocation into a competitive talent management edge.

With Suddath as your preferred employee relocation company among Seattle movers, you gain a strategic partner for your business.

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Seattle Office, Commercial Moving and Storage

No two companies are alike, and neither are their moving and storage needs. Suddath's Workplace Solutions specialists will develop a commercial moving and storage plan that delivers efficiency, saving you both money and time. Our office moving services are complemented by our expertise in hospitality logistics, space planning, industrial relocation, office furniture and more, ensuring that the solutions we provide take all of your business needs into account. Throughout the delivery of our customized services, our corporate moving company keeps your business continuity in mind.

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Seattle third party warehouse workers discussing hospitality project management

Your Seattle Global Logistics and Warehousing Partner

Our specialties include contract logistics services, domestic ground transportation, global freight forwarding and FF&E warehousing and distribution for our restaurant and retail clients. We can meet your end-to-end supply chain management needs with services tailored to your specifications, and quickly respond and adapt to changes in your business and marketplace.

Contact our global logistics and warehousing experts in Seattle to learn more.

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Kirk Manahan

Vice President & General Manager

Kirk Manahan has a distinguished 31-year career in the moving and storage industry, with an emphasis on commercial lines of business. He enjoys maximizing opportunities to help customers and partners.

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Seattle Moving FAQ's by Kirk Manahan

1. How can I prepare for my Seattle move?

There are a lot of different things you can do to prepare for your move. It depends on the level of service that Suddath will be providing. If we're doing a full-service pack for you, you’ll just need to make sure things are organized for us to come in and help you pack – for instance, that you’ve cleared out all the items that you want to give away. If we're just doing the loading and you’re packing for yourself, you’ll need to organize your goods, identifying both items that will go with the movers versus clearly separating out what you want to stay with you.

2. What is a common issue for moving in Seattle and how does your moving company deal with it?

For customers in Seattle, the city landscape does offer a lot of hills. There are challenges with the load trucks not having easy access to many different residences. To accommodate that, we do have shuttle services (aka smaller, more accessible trucks) from the warehouses or from the larger truck to work with the smaller spaces in those tight roads. 

For a corporate relocation, there are also the usual issues that come along with a move in a large city – traffic, parking permits, time constraints. We leverage our experience in the area to mitigate those issues so they don’t slow us down. For example, in an office move we create a customized move plan that factors in any access, permitting or timing issues so that we can get to work as soon as we hit the door. Full transparency so that everyone from the crew to internal stakeholders are on the same page, working off of the same plan.  

3. What if you break something during the move? How do I submit a claim?

In the unfortunate and unlikely event of damage, we do have a claims process. First, speak with your dedicated Seattle move coordinator. They will make sure you receive the claims form, and any other pertinent information. Then, you will submit that form and the appropriate information to the claims department, who will assign an individual person to help you through the process using the original documentation. They will identify the value of the damaged items and communicate the appropriate resolution, whether that would be repairing or replacing the item.

4. What are my different options for a moving estimate in Seattle?

Suddath has a couple different options in obtaining a moving estimate for your household goods move.

We can schedule an in-home survey, where a move coordinator will come to your home to not only take note of the amount you need to move, but also understand the access to your house and available parking spaces in order to get a full understanding of what moving day will entail. This avoids any issues or delays on the actual moving day.

They will simply be doing a count of your items and establishing an estimated weight to identify any items that might be unique to your shipment or any high-value items of concern for you. We also offer a virtual walkthrough, where you will go through your house using your smartphone or tablet with a moving coordinator over a Skype or Facetime-type application.

The process would ultimately be the same. Although we’re as thorough as possible in the virtual walkthrough, the in-person estimate can be better if you have a large house.

5. What differentiates Suddath from its competitors in Seattle?

As a local moving company, Suddath separates itself in several different ways. First, Suddath is embarking on its 100th year in the industry. We also distinguish ourselves by being the largest agent for United Van Lines, which is the largest van line in the United States and are known for quality and consistency.

We understand our customer’s needs and we understand what it takes to service every move for a customer. Our Seattle movers will go to every length to ensure that we do things the right way. We are a family-owned company, with a base and full presence here in Seattle, and we pair that with our expertise and resources that stretch around the world. 

6. How do you select and hire your employees?

Through our hiring process, we have a robust background check and a drug screening process to qualify all of our potential employees. Suddath actively recruits talent at all levels who want to learn, better themselves, and become leaders within the organization.

We elevate and educate all our employees and set them up in positions where they can progress internally within Suddath, not only locally but nationally. There are many examples of a driver working his or her way up to being a branch general manager – our moving company rewards commitment, safety and quality service.

7. Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath?

Yes. We have storage vaults for logistics projects, household goods shipments and floor space for hospitality and commercial storage projects.

Whatever you’re choosing to store with us, your items will be securely stored in our Seattle warehouse. When using vaulted storage, our warehouse staff carefully and skillfully store and pad wrap your valuables.

8. Do you have an executive move service offering?

We offer an executive move service.  It is our white-glove service called the ‘Suddath Nobility’ program. These executive-level moves offer personalized services from a highly experienced team. It includes a dedicated project manager on-site overseeing the move crew, planning timelines and reviewing logistical needs. That crew is also hand-selected to be an asset to the customer in handling the small decisions that are required throughout the pack and load or delivery.

A Nobility move takes care of everything for your transferee, so they can focus on integrating into their new role and becoming immediately productive and effective.

9. Do you offer any discard and donation programs?

We’re very proud of our work with Move For Hunger, which is a free service where Suddath takes nonperishable food that you don’t want to bring with you on your move. We then deliver it to local Seattle food banks, to make sure it gets to the people who need it. This is a win-win, as our customers have less weight to move, and local foodbanks get food for the individuals in need who rely on them.

10. What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

As far as quality, it starts with having the right people working for you. Every day, we’re assigning individuals to your move who are people who care, who understand that moving is a stressful time for everyone. Our Seattle movers know that we’re there to eliminate that stress and not add to it.

Our training center, Suddath University at our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL is a big part of this. All of our van operators and other crew take a week where they go through and practice our processes for home and corporate relocations. We also work with them on soft skills, to ensure that when they’re in your home or office, they’re treating everyone with the utmost respect during what can be a stressful time.

The training and investment we put into our crews ensures that they understand the requirements, what is expected of them, and that we are all in the customer service business. We perform that service to the best of our abilities, and we make sure that those abilities are robust.

11. How do you ensure property is safe and secure during the corporate relocation process?

We have several processes, protocols and documents that we rely on for control and accountability. This includes a detailed inventory that itemizes all your things, and also note any preexisting damage.

We have control all the way through the process; every time your goods might change hands from a driver to the warehouse or from the warehouse to a delivery crew, down to final set up in your new space, we have a system to hold ourselves accountable. It’s an industry-first, proprietary technology called Tracker, and it provides full transparency to you during the moving process. You can watch in real-time as each desk is set up and goes back on line.

All our crews are also rigorously trained and educated on proper corporate relocation processes in Suddath University, which is held in our home office in Jacksonville, FL. There is a fully furnished mock office inside the warehouse there where our crews learn the proper skills to keep up our high standards.

12. What commercial moving services do you offer and what types do you specialize in?

With commercial moving, we offer a wide swath of services. If you’re moving employees to a different space or a different building, we can offer everything from taking care of all your moving and warehousing needs, to IT disconnect and reconnect services for your relocation. We can even decommission any furniture you’re not taking with you and outfit you with all new furniture. 

More specifically, we work often in the medical arena, and we offer lab services where our team assists in getting your extremely sensitive and expensive lab equipment relocated.

Whether we’re relocating your office, medical facility, hotel or campus, we differentiate ourselves in that Suddath combines what would normally be several different vendors and services under one roof. We work with you to coordinate these efforts for maximum efficiency, and minimum spend.

13. Our hotel is undergoing a remodel in Seattle. What type of support can you offer?

Our Hospitality Logistics team is well suited and equipped to help with all phases of a hotel remodel, and even new construction. When it comes to the hospitality field, we offer services such as project management, warehousing and distribution/sequencing, FF&E installation and transportation management. Suddath hospitality services are scalable, covering everything from business-class hotel chains like the Hilton Garden Inn to large international resorts, like Baha Mar in the Bahamas. Suddath’s services and project management work together to make sure that your project is installed both on time and on budget.

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