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There’s more to moving and packing than just putting items in boxes—it takes understanding that sentimental value carries a lot of weight. Over the years, thousands of individuals and families have entrusted us with their personal belongings. Expert packing and unpacking is second nature to us, and this is reflected in the positive experiences of people who’ve moved with Suddath®.

Full-service packing

We use only the best materials and techniques, and employ experienced, background-checked, well-trained, professional movers who are charged with packing your home and blanket-wrapping furniture as if it were their own. We specialize in careful handling of delicate, breakable or irreplaceable items. If you don’t have the time or budget to pack yourself, the full-service option takes a lot of stress out of the moving process.

Partial packing  

Our packing and unpacking services are flexible to meet your budget or your preferences. Instead of full-service packing, we can also pack only the items you tell us to. Regardless of what you pack yourself, we’ll carefully blanket wrap all of your furniture. 

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Do-it-yourself packing  

If you’re budget-conscious, you can do your own packing. Even items you pack yourself will be blanket wrapped, and we can give you packing tips to help you get started.


We offer different unpacking options as part of our moving and packing services. We can place furniture and other items in their respective rooms, unpack them and haul away the boxes. We can unpack only the items you tell us to, or simply place boxes and furniture in the right rooms so you can unpack when you’re ready.

If you know you want help packing and unpacking but aren’t sure what option works for you, feel free to contact us for guidance and advice.

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