Unique Housewarming Gifts for A New Home

Life gets hectic, and the real estate market is busier than ever – you’re about to have a lot of friends, family members and neighbors to welcome into a new home.

This means that once you find the perfect, crowd-pleasing housewarming gift, it can be a great idea to buy several to keep on-hand and ready to go. Especially if you’re in a business like real estate where you’re seeing many people moving into new homes, when you find a good gift, make sure to stay stocked up.

Here are a few suggestions of unique housewarming gifts:

1) Perishable goods they can appreciate and use

It’s tempting to give someone a gift like décor for a new home, but you should only do this if you’re sure they want that item in their new home.

Remember, they are moving so many items from their old home, and still getting to know their new home and how they want to decorate it, so the best gift is sometimes a perishable one. Otherwise, you risk it becoming just another thing they have to deal with and figure out where to put it.

For example:

2) House cleaning or sage cleansing to move in on the right foot

If we’re honest, sometimes the best gift is a helping hand. It’s anything that helps someone feel at home in their new space and eases the transition. A gift towards a clean slate in a new home can really take a burden off of new homeowners and gives them the gift of time to focus on settling in.

However, a full home cleaning can be an expensive gift, so some alternatives are:

  • Go in with a few friends on house cleaning services
  • Organize a cleaning party, where everyone comes over to chip in
  • Put together a new home kit or basket with some cleaning staples

One other great option that is becoming more popular is to either pay for or perform a home saging. Saging a home is thought to cleanse it of negative energy, and clear the way for new occupants. Sage contains flavonoids, which are plant compounds containing medicinal properties. Some of these compounds appear to improve brain health and guard against diseases like Alzheimer’s, and in other animal studies sage helped guard against depression, anxiety and aided digestive troubles. Sounds like a good way to start off in a new home!

3) A gift that adds to a unique facet of their new home

If you know someone bought a house with some specific project in mind, or because of some unique facet of the home, it’s always a nice personal touch to contribute to that.

For example, if they’re excited about the pool, buy some pool toys or fun pool floats as a gift. If they’re planning on starting a garden, invest in some gardening gloves or seeds, anything small that will contribute to them getting started.

Even if they’re planning on building a coop and getting chickens for the property (an ever-more popular backyard hobby), there are plenty of interesting gifts that can be found online that would be a standout gift – for example, this chicken swing, or this egg-collecting apron.

4) Something for the kids

If children are part of the move, sometimes the best gift is something for them!

It can be a hard transition, so a gift helps to make moving feel like a fun event, and less daunting or stressful. Which means that ultimately, you’re making the parent’s job easier.

Some great gifts for kids can be:

  • A coloring or game book to keep them younger children occupied during packing and moving
  • Personalized stationery for older kids so they can be pen pals with friends they’re leaving behind
  • Gift card to any local attractions for families – a zoo, aquarium, museum, or amusement park

5) A few hours of baby or pet sitting

Our first piece of advice to homeowners with pets or young children who are moving is to find a babysitter or pet sitter for moving day. It is much easier and safer for everyone if kids and pet aren’t underfoot while movers are working – likely the doors will be open, owners are distracted, and the movers will be working quickly and efficiently.

If you volunteer for pet or babysitting, it will be a huge relief and make a big impact on the amount of stress the new homeowners feel on moving day. They will be endlessly grateful!

6) Commemorative gift of their new home

All rules are made to be broken sometimes, and when it comes to a personal, special gift, it isn’t considered more “stuff” for the family that they’ll have to deal with on top of everything else. Some of the best gifts are personalized to the family or to commemorate a new home. Such as:

  • A custom welcome mat
  • New home portrait
  • A custom Christmas ornament
  • Home address stamp with their new address

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