After the Move: Tips for Throwing a Killer Housewarming Party

The moving company waved goodbye a week ago, and your closets are nearly organized. By now, your friends and family are asking when they can stop by to get eyes on your new place. Instead of organizing 20 different times to show off your backyard and bonus room, it’s easier—and more fun—to throw a housewarming party. Follow these tips to give your guests a party to remember.

Theme it like you mean it

One of the best ways to create an unforgettable housewarming party is with a theme party. Here are some fun and practical ideas for themes:

  • Pop Culture: TV, Movies, Music (Game of Thrones, Star Wars, 80’s bands)
  • Seasonal: Halloween, Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays, Beach Party, Cinco De Mayo
  • Stock the _______ Party (Guests could bring gifts for the Kitchen, Bar, Pool, etc. to fill in the blank)

From a practical standpoint, you could build your theme around a move-in task like unpacking or painting a room. This way, you can put your friends and family to work in a fun way in exchange for food and drinks in your new home.

Start a hashtag

You’ll want to remember the first time your nearest and dearest friends and family were in your new home after your big move. Start a social media hashtag and encourage your guests to share photos using your hashtag. After the dust has settled and the last paper plates have been tossed, you and your guests can browse Instagram and view/save your favorite shots of the party. Snapchat Geofilters are also a fun way to share all the fun from your housewarming party with a one-of-a-kind design.

Get creative with finger foods

A bowl of Chex Mix may be your go-to, but to keep guests raving about your housewarming party in the coming weeks, you’ll need to up your game. From spicy to healthy to sweet and everything in between, give your guests a fun variety of delicious finger foods to satisfy their appetites and keep the party going. Check Pinterest to find some yummy ideas for easy-to-eat (and easy-to-make) bites like these:

Create a plan for avoiding silences

Nothing brings a party down like the sound of crickets—the lonely metaphorical chirping during long silences. So, if you’re worried that your coworker and your college friend won’t have much to talk about if they’re the first to show up, create a music mix to keep things airy. A playlist brings the energy up and drowns out the crickets. Also plan some other ways to generate convo. A popular table game like ” Social Sabotage?” can be a great way to get people laughing.

Make a schedule for house tours

Just because you’re hosting the party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good time. Offer to lead tours at the top of the hour so you don’t spend the entire day showing off the guest bath instead of welcoming your visitors and making sure their drinks are full. Of course, you can also encourage guests to roam free-range between downing your delicious party food.

Ever since the movers left, your friends and family have been asking you about dropping in to see your new home. Follow these housewarming party tips for a memorable day that leaves everyone feeling good and doesn’t test your endurance.