Researching Moving Companies? Make Sure They Can Handle Unique Items

When you’re in the planning stages of the moving process, you’ll want to shop around for moving companies that can transport your possessions safely to your new home. But what if you have unique items that require special care? Consider the following points when researching movers to make sure they can handle your unique items.


One of the first characteristics you should review is the moving company’s experience with transporting one-of-a-kind items. Oddly-shaped pieces of furniture or a rare piece of art are some examples. It also doesn’t hurt to find out how long the moving company has been in business. You can check with your state department of revenue, the Better Business Bureau, or the official business licensing department for your city or county to verify them.


Will the moving company be using in-house staff or will they be subcontracting the move to a third party? It’s not uncommon for movers to use subcontractors to facilitate your move. However, using additional workers who may not undergo the same security processes that the moving company’s internal staff may have undergone may pose security risks.


It’s important to understand how the movers will handle your unique possessions. So make sure you inquire about their handling procedures. Have them walk you through the process of packing, transporting and unpacking your items. Discuss what packing supplies are needed to safely transport your items.


While it’s a standard procedure for moving companies to have insurance, not every company may carry the specific insurance you need. Inquire about insurance coverage for unique items so you can have the right expectations and know if additional insurance will be necessary to purchase.

Moving quotes with extra fees

Unique items may also come with unique prices. Moving quotes will reveal any additional fees, but make sure you get a video or in-person survey. Quotes over the phone and via email may not be valid or accurate. Moreover, an in-person or video survey is helpful to determine every cost involved with transporting your unique items. Always ask about any extra fees that require clarity. Some movers charge additional fees for packing and moving unique items based on weight or shape, such as a piano, but may not explain that to you if you don’t ask. Make your movers aware from the start about what your unique item is and discuss your transportation needs so you can get a fully detailed quote.

Final thoughts

If you’re vetting moving companies to help you transport your unique items, it’s important to ask the right questions. Do your research and make sure you choose an experienced mover that has handled unique items similar to yours. By taking these steps, you can ensure your unique possessions reach your destination safely.

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