Moving with Kids Checklist

Relocating to a new home is exciting however, when it comes to moving with children, there are special considerations to take into account. With careful planning you can make your child’s move a seamless transition that will bring your family closer together.

Here are few things to do leading up to the big move and beyond:

2 Months Before the Move

  • Research schools. Begin your research on the school your child will be attending, as well as the community surrounding it. This will help you get an idea of whether or not the school is suitable for your child. Look for helpful tools online that allow you find schools by zip code and address
  • Explain to your kids why you’re moving. Be upfront and clear with your child regarding why the move is taking place. Provide an estimated timeframe for them to get ready. By doing this, you keep surprises at bay and give them time to tell their friends about the move, and find ways to keep in touch. You may want to help your child come up with a fun plan to keep in touch with friends, such as a pen pal chain, friendship bracelets or regular planned Skype conversations.
  • Show your kids where you’re moving to. Use a tablet, hop on the computer or hop in the car to show your children your new neighborhood and home. Find a new park, museum or activity in the area that they can look forward to and get excited about.
  • Have them help with the planning process. Give your child a task that involves researching the new location where they would live, then get them to create a list of places they would like to see upon arrival and things they would like to do once there.
  • Start the school transfer processes. Let the child’s school know about the move. That way, you and they have plenty of time to get the paperwork needed to transfer your child to the new school.
  • Shop for your mover. Compare and shop for a reputable, professional mover who has experience with moving children’s items or working with children during a move. Get a binding moving estimate to know exact costs so there aren’t any stressful surprises on moving day, and you can focus on keeping your kids happy about the moving process. Make sure to verify that the moving company is legitimate and stay clear of rogue movers.

1 Month Before the Move

  • Verify that all documents are received. Double-check that your child’s new school received all the information from their previous school, and verify that everything has been processed properly.
  • Tour the new town. Continue familiarizing your children with their new neighborhood, and keep it an exciting prospect If possible, take a tour of the new neighborhood. Go sightseeing and visit popular destinations so your children can get acquainted with their new surroundings. If you’re too far away from your new location to visit physically, do a virtual tool with a free tool like Google Earth to show them their new town, or find YouTube videos to show them fun things to do there.
  • Pack essentials in advance. Begin to pack away essential items, including identification, birth certificates and medical records, so you don’t forget them. Also, make copies of records and store in a safe place. A packing plan can be a great help here as well.
  • Sort and donate. Make your kids be a part of the sorting process so they can help you get rid of items that no longer fit them or that they no longer want or use. Have them make a pile for donations.
  • Make decorating plans. Show your kids a picture of their new room and ask for their input on how they want to decorate it once you unpack.
  • Schedule your moving day. Book your mover well in advance to avoid missing out on your desired moving day in the summer or other popular moving seasons.

1 Week Before the Move

  • Plan a party. Have a “farewell” party for your kids and invite friends and family to create momentum around the move.
  • Drop-off donations. Drop off donations or arrange for a pick-up at your current home.
  • Pack an activity bag. Include games, coloring books, toys and other items that will keep your kids busy during their travels.
  • Pack up your child’s toys while they’re sleeping. For younger children, it may be hard to put down toys while packing. Take the opportunity to pack up favorite toys closer to moving day. It’s good to do this while your children are sleeping to keep the packing process running smoothly.
  • Photograph your items. Take pictures of everything you’re boxing up so you know what exactly is being packed.
  • Label Items. Color code and label boxes so you know which items belong to the right room or person.
  • Make payment arrangements. Make sure you set up a payment plan so that your movers get paid on time, and there aren’t any unnecessary delays.

Moving Day

  • Review packed items. Double-check that all the items are packed away properly for the trip.
  • Pack up the kids’ belongings last. Make the movers put up the child’s things into the truck last.
  • Verify movers. Look for company logos, check licenses and ask for IDs to verify you’re working with the correct movers.
  • Arrange for a sitter. If possible, make arrangements for someone to watch younger children while the movers pack up your items.
  • Sign and review documents. Double-check the fine print of your documents and sign off to finalize the moving process.

After the Move

  • Unpack the child’s belongings first. Make your child feel at home and comfortable by unpacking and setting up their room first.
  • Tour your new home. Help your kids get familiar with your new home so they feel comfortable.
  • Meet the neighbors. Help your kids get comfortable with neighbors and making new friends.
  • Stay in touch. Help your child stay in touch with friends and family members from their old town so they can still feel connected. .
  • Relax and rest. Now that the move is complete, get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Final Thoughts

When you have kids, you have to make sure that they’re comfortable with big changes, such as moving to a new home. But by following this moving checklist, you can streamline the moving process for you and your kids.

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