Long Distance Movers Q&A: Any Tips for Moving with Young Children?

Moving across the country is an event to look forward to, whether you’re starting a new job or getting a fresh start in a new location. But when you’re moving with children, there are some special considerations you’ll need to take into account. The great news is that a cross-country move with children can be a smooth process when you plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Get your kids excited for the move

Prepare your children for your cross-country move by highlighting the positives about the new town you’re relocating to. You can take them on a virtual tour of your new location and show them all of the different activities they can do. Google Earth is a great free tool you can use to show them their new town, and you can search for area attractions with them as well. Sign your children up for sports, after-school clubs or extracurricular activities that will help them get familiar with their community and make new friends. Also, discuss the different people they’ll meet and show them how they can still stay in contact with their friends online, by phone or even special weekend trips. Your children look up to you for cues on how to process changes, so help them view the great part about moving to a new home by showing them what to look forward to.

Start early and get them involved

The larger your family, the more bags you’ll have to pack. So, give yourself at least two months to plan for your move across the country, and enlist the help of your kids who are old enough to pack their own items. This will make them feel included and give them a level of responsibility. They can even help pack the belongings of their younger siblings who may not be old enough to help pack. Map out a packing plan and consider packing the important items first, including health records and identification cards. But plan to pack your children’s items last to minimize interrupting their normal routines.

Pack up their toys while they’re asleep

Sometimes packing can be undone by younger children or toddlers who notice a favorite toy or game they haven’t seen in a while. But you can get more done if you wait to pack these items away while your kids are sleeping. A good tip is to leave at least a small box of toys or one favorite item for them to enjoy while they are traveling or waiting to move into your new home.

Color code with duct tape

It’s easy to mix up what items belong to which room or person when you’re relocating your family across state lines. That’s why it’s key to stay organized with a color-coding system to help streamline the packing process. Duct tape comes in handy when you’re packing up clothes, toys and other items for children in preparation of your move. Take advantage of color-coded duct take to do double duty by keeping your possessions organized and secure in a box.

Look for help from your cross-country movers

Moving with children is much easier when there’s no last-minute surprises or confusion on the details of your move. A great way to avoid these types of surprises is by being provided with an overview of your move in a video format so you can understand all of the details and expenses involved. Make sure that the long-distance movers you’re interviewing will provide with you a with a virtual video walkthrough or survey as part of their estimate. 

Final thoughts

When you’re relocating your family across the country with children, it’s important to prepare in advance to streamline the moving process. By planning ahead, enlisting tools and help, you can make relocating to your new home easier with your kids. 

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