International Movers Q&A: Why Is a Pre-Move Survey so Important?

One of the many concerns people have when moving across international borders is hiring the right moving company to ensure a smooth experience.

A key part of enjoying a stress-free international move involves sound preparation, and getting a pre-move survey is an essential part of that process. Here’s why:

Your movers may see something you don’t

Experienced international movers can easily identify issues or questions that you may not have considered before packing up or moving.

An in-person survey that’s scheduled before your move will give your moving company the chance to be as thorough as possible and prevent any last-minute surprises. For example, the basement and garage are common areas that people tend to forget to mention to movers when they are getting quotes. A qualified moving professional will spot any inaccuracies or overlooked items before they become a stressful issue or delay.

You’ll have a detailed plan in place

When international moving companies perform an in-person pre-move survey of your home and walk through each room with you to determine the items that need to be moved, both parties will know what to expect come moving day.

Professional international movers will take the time to:

  • Map out a plan for unpacking, preparing your inventory for tracking your belongings
  • Go over the costs of moving your specific items to provide the most accurate quote
  • Recommend packing supplies to ensure your items are secure during the move

You’ll also be advised of any custom clearance requirements or any important documents you need during your pre-move survey.

You will understand all pricing details

Moving quotes that are provided over the phone or via email can’t be considered accurate because there are several factors tha can change the quote.

For instance, if you forget to tell your movers that you need help transporting your art collection, a piano or an odd-shaped furniture piece, they may charge an additional fee for packing, transporting, and unpacking these unique items.

Moreover, they may not be able to even move the items for you without prior notice if they don’t have the license or insurance to cover the move.

Not all international moving companies are alike

While you may think it’s common for any moving company that offers international services to be insured, licensed and follow the same common procedures, not all do.

To protect yourself (and your posessions), verify your international movers’ license or registration with reputable entities, such as the Federal Maritime Commission. By taking these steps, you can ensure your possessions are secure and can legally travel overseas and across borders.

Final Thoughts

Prior to embarking on any international move, always opt for a pre-move survey. You’ll get the benefits of an accurate quote and identifying items or spaces to pack that you may not have even thought of that help you avoid unexpected expenses and gain peace of mind.

A mover like Suddath® comes with 100 years of experience, and can offer personalized international moving services with comprehensive pre-move surveys. To learn more and get a quote, visit the international moving section on our website.