International Movers Q&A: Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new country offers a life-changing experience that’s full of excitement with new cultures to explore. But before you go on a globetrotting adventure, it’s important to prepare for your move so you can travel and settle in your new home without any stress. Consider these tips to keep moving across international borders stress-free:

Use a checklist

A checklist is important to ensure you have all the items you need before moving abroad – and you may need to use more than one. For instance, you can use an international moving checklist to keep track of important documents you need, such as your passport, international pet health certificates, or visas, so you don’t forget any important papers. Also, consider using a checklist to ensure you get everything you need done before your international move, including researching visa requirements or registering with the embassy. You can even use a mobile app to create an easy checklist of what you need to get done before your international move.

Plan for packing

Plan for packing in advance by considering the time it takes to sort through your items and box up your belongings. It may take longer than you think to pack smaller items or valuables that are currently stored on your shelves. Thoroughly take an inventory of your items and think about how many boxes you’ll need to move them, and what size. While lighter items can be put into a large box, heavier objects should go in smaller boxes so they can be transported properly. When you’re ready to pack, make sure you use labels to easily organize and identify your items. For example, you can use colored labels to differentiate your moving boxes by room. Also, consider using international moving companies that can help streamline the moving process so you can concentrate on your move versus packing your items.

Make sure everything fits

Before you ship your items overseas, it’s important to ensure that your belongings will fit in your new home. Take a visit to your new home so you can measure rooms or determine whether or not your couch, bed and other large furniture pieces can fit. If you can’t make the trip, make sure you get as many details as possible on the size of each room and the square footage of the home you’ll be moving to, so you can have a better idea of what furniture you’ll need to leave behind and the items you’ll need to buy overseas.


When moving to a new country, bringing only what you need can help simplify your move, and keep it on-budget and stress-free. It’s key to declutter about four to six weeks before it’s time to embark on your international move. Sort your items to determine what you’ll keep, sell or donate. Get rid of items that can’t be donated or give them away. However, make sure to safely discard hazardous material, such as old batteries or propane tanks, at your local hazardous waste drop-off center.

Verify international moving companies

Before committing to any international movers, make sure to verify whether or not they are legitimate and reputable. Consider reviews and their credentials, including whether or not they are accredited by an international moving association, such as FIDI. An experienced international moving company will save you time, stress and money by deftly navigating international moving logistics, and avoiding issues that less experienced movers may not forsee.

Leverage a move coordinator

When you use a move coordinator, you are enlisting an experienced extra set of hands to simplify the moving process for you. A move coordinator helps keep stress at bay by ensuring all parts of your international move are handled, such as packing and shipping your items and verifying overseas moving company licenses and insurance. They will work with you as much as possible to prepare you and your family for the upcoming life change.

Final thoughts

Moving across seas doesn’t have to be challenging. Whether you’re moving for a new job or just to have a new experience, it’s vital to make plans before you head across international borders. Consider working with  reputable international movers who provide video walkthrough surveys and other global relocation services, to get where you’re going with ease.

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