After the Move: How to Make Your New House Feel like Home

Making a new home feel comfortable is one of the most important parts of a big move. With some simple decorating tips and a little help, settling in can be easy and fun. Here are five easy tips that you can start as soon as the moving company van pulls out of the driveway.

Put away the boxes

Boxes are great for moving dishes and packing home goods, but once the moving is done and they’ve fulfilled their purpose, keeping them around only adds to the clutter and creates an unsettled feeling. Instead of allowing boxes to pile up, remove them quickly and take them for recycling or offer them to someone else who could use them for a move of their own. If you are moving with Suddath® and have chosen packing and unpacking services, your move team will cart away the empty boxes after everything has been unpacked so you don’t even need to worry about the extra clutter.

Display photos of familiar faces

Putting up family photos or pictures of friends is an easy and instant way to make a house feel like a home after you move in. And don’t limit it to people! Include photos of your furry friends, too, who add warmth to your new home. Consider making an artsy pet portrait that includes a contrasting foreground and background for a fun way to display pictures of pets. Another nice touch is to have some of your favorite photos printed on canvas to add a little extra style to any wall.

Set the mood

Create an ambiance of relaxation in an instant by rolling out cozy carpets and displaying scented candles of different heights and colors around the home. Music can have a very soothing effect on your mood, too, so fire up your favorite playlist to help you settle in. And don’t forget the lighting. Achieve a joyous mood during the day by opening all the blinds or curtains and letting in the light, and create a serene ambiance in the evening with different light sources, such as battery-powered candles or desk lamps and dimmed dining room chandeliers.

Hang it all up

Take your new space from bare and unfinished to feeling cozy by adding wall coverings and curtains. Drapes, artwork and curtains can add character, privacy and completeness all in one go. Hang curtains or drapes high to add height to the room. Hanging about four to six inches above the frame or halfway below the ceiling should do the trick. Hang art work at eye level or about five feet from the floor. Another way to extend a smaller room is to use large mirrors.

Ask for help

Settling in to your new home doesn’t have to be a solo job. Instead of going at it alone, ask for help. Consider hosting an “unpacking party” with family or friends. There’s no need for decorations. Just make it fun and light. Grab some snacks, get a few beverages, and take the opportunity to spend time with loved ones while getting help with making your house a home.