6 Things to Consider When Moving from an Apartment to a House

There’s a special transition that takes place when you move from an apartment to a house. Whether it’s for more space, an expanding family, a more permanent neighborhood or simply a change of scenery, there are a few important things to consider before you upsize. We’ve compiled a list of our top 6 things that are essential for you to remember before you make the jump from an apartment to a house.

1. Make a list of house projects to complete before you move – If you know that your new home will require flooring work, painting or any other interior projects, note these changes before you move in your belongings. If you have access to your new home, you can even try to get some of the projects done before the move happens, to save you the hassle later.

2. Remember your savings – Houses can require more upkeep than an apartment, short- and long-term, especially if you are buying the house. Unexpected events are bound to happen, often forcing you to pay out-of-pocket, and may cost slightly more than you are used to, so it is important to prepare for move-in emergencies.

3. Make note of extra space – Because homes are generally larger than apartments, you may need more furniture to fill your new home. Jotting down the specs of the major rooms in your house before you move in, or utilizing an online room planning tool to position your furniture, are great ways to plan ahead.

4. Think about outdoor tasks – Typically, apartment owners aren’t responsible for yard maintenance, so there may be a few new tools you need to get before moving to a home like lawnmowers, rakes, sprinklers, gardening tools and any other outdoor items.

5. Consider changing locks – Previous owners of your home may have handed out keys to friends, maintenance workers or others and not received them all back. Just to be safe, consider having new locks installed for your home, which is relatively easy, inexpensive and something you can tackle yourself (if you are the DIY type).

6. Complete a home inspection – Possibly the most important step before you move in to your new home is to complete a full home inspection to check if there are any structural, electrical or systematic issues with your house. Ask your neighbors or friends for their professional recommendations in your area and get a home inspector over to your home prior to your move-in date for some peace of mind. This is usually required by law and financial institutions during the home purchasing process, however may not be apparent if you are planning to rent a house, especially long term.

While you’re preparing for this exciting process, don’t forget to set up utility services at your new address as well as forward your mail and update your address on any important online services you receive, such as your bank, credit cards or insurance.

The professionals at Suddath® are ready to assist in your moving adventures. Give us a call or contact us online for a free estimate, so you can spend more time planning your housewarming party and less time on the move.

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