Reminder: 2020 Business Rules (May 14 2020)

Reminder: The 2020 Business Rule

Updates go into effect May 15.

To prepare for and manage the 2020 peak season, TRANSCOM has released advisory #20-0085 and 2020 Initiatives Summary highlighting the 2020 business rule changes. As communicated earlier this year, TRANSCOM has made changes to the IT20, 400NG and TOS. Below you will find the most notable changes for your review, but as always, we encourage you to read the full changes.

Scheduling Notice

  • TSP must provide customer 24-hour notice for delivery
  • Cannot deliver a customer’s personal property into SIT without customer approval unless two (2) documented unsuccessful attempts to contact the customer are made 4 hours apart


  • Increased minimum coverage to $7,500
  • Extended customer ability to file a notice of loss/damage to 180 days (from 75)
  • 1850/51 Forms will need to reflect new 180-day language. (Can obtain from Milburn Printing)
  • Shortened TSP Loss and Damage settlement time frame (60 to 30 days for all claims valued at $1000 or less)
  • Require TSP to provide deadline reminders to customers at 60- and 150-days post delivery

Inconvenience Claims

  • Covers missed pickups or late deliveries and changes reimbursement to DoD customer based on per diem (meals and incidentals only) rate, with no receipts required (capped at 7 days). Note: Customers can still claim additional amounts with receipts
  • TSP responsible for ICC if shipment is placed into SIT without notifying customer
  • Delivery out of SIT must occur within 5 government business days of customer’s requested delivery date (except if requested delivery date is between 15 June and 15 August, delivery must occur within 10 government business days) or the customer is entitled to an inconvenience claim

Background Checks

  • Ensure a background check is conducted on all personnel whose role involves interacting with a DoD customer and/or handling/transporting DoD shipments
  • Employment records made available to the DoD upon request.
  • Ensure all persons interacting with DoD customers on and off base meet the specific requirements for local installation access as listed in DoD Manual 5200.08


  • Failure to perform reweighs will result in $400 dHHG/iHHG or $160 for UB fee and possible punitive action
  • Enter the lessor weight into DPS within 4 government business days after pickup and 2 government business days after reweighs
  • Provide weight tickets to origin PPSO within 7 government business days of pickup

Automatic reweighs will be required on any shipments that meet the following criteria:

  • Domestic shipments weighing 12,500 pounds or more
  • International household weighing 7,000 pounds or more OCONUS to CONUS
  • International unaccompanied weighing 500 pounds or more
  • Meet or exceed the weights in the tables in the 400NG and IT, based on Grade and Dependent status displayed on the BL

*Automatic reweighs do not require a reweigh request or preapproval from PPSO.