400NG & International Tender - DOD Stop Movement Adjustment (May 28 2020)

To our valued agents & partners,

As many of you know, USTRANSCOM issued PP Advisory #20-0074 and PP Advisory #20-0074A to acknowledge the significant operational and administrative burden due to the recent DoD Stop Movement Order (SMO) and have approved a 10% adjustment to shipments processed during the Stop Movement Order period.

Below we have outlined which shipments are eligible for adjustments and how the commissions will be applied.

Surcharge on Cancelled Shipments

  • The shipment was pulled back and cancelled from March 13 through the end of the Stop Movement Order (SMO).
    • Suddath Government Services will compensate $125 for any pre-move survey performed for a shipment that subsequently cancels during the Stop Movement Order. Please submit an invoice with supporting documentation for the survey.

Surcharge on Awarded Shipments

Shipments Eligible:

  • The Shipment was awarded prior to March 13 AND serviced during the Stop Movement period:
    • ONLY IF there is a confirmed date change from the original ordered date.
  • The Shipment was awarded during the Stop Movement AND serviced AFTER the Stop Movement period:
    • ONLY IF the current SMO is extended AND there is a confirmed date change from the original ordered date.
  • The Shipment was awarded AND serviced during the Stop Movement period. 
    • No qualifications on these shipments – ALL eligible for the surcharge.

Surcharge Commissions

  • Suddath Government Services will commission agents for the 10% surcharge in the same manner as the underlying commission component.
    • A 10% surcharge is applicable to Packing (105A), Packing Inspection (105J), Transportation (LHS), and Origin & Destination Service Charge (135A/135B)
    • For International Shipments, origin and destination services commission will be eligible for the surcharge
    • Agents will not be required to submit an invoice for the surcharge to be paid.
      • If you do wish to reflect the surcharge on your invoice, please invoice as a separate line item.
  • Retroactively, if your invoice has already been processed, we will automatically pay for the missed surcharge using your original invoice number followed by “-SMO.”

If you have any questions, please email Kim Dinkins.