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Tampa's Leader in Moving, Storage and Logistics 

Suddath® has been a trusted moving, storage and logistics provider in the Tampa and St Pete area for nearly 100 years, providing residential moves, commercial moving and storage, corporate employee relocation and global warehousing and logistics services. We take care of our customers by providing a broad range of high-quality services, flexible to your needs, and supported with personalized customer service and full transparency to cost and schedule.


Residential moving and storage in Tampa, Florida 

Whether you and your family are moving locally in Tampa, long distance or internationally, you can count on Suddath to deliver a high-quality move – with less hassle, and often for less money than our local competitors. Our highly experienced team is trained and background-checked to ensure high-quality and reliable packing, moving and storage services from start-to-finish. Contact us or request a moving quote; we'll walk you through the entire process so you can decide what works best for you.

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Corporate employee relocation in the Tampa and St Pete area 

Tampa businesses, both large and small, choose Suddath as their preferred employee relocation company. Our experienced move coordinators and professional crews take care of your employees every step of the way, treating relocating families and their belonging as if they were their own.

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Commercial moving and workplace solutions

Suddath helps some of the world’s largest companies move quickly and efficiently. Our Workplace Solutions specialists are International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)-certified and provide high-quality commercial moving and storage services that save you time and money. Your business continuity is always our top priority. That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique needs and requirements, and offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond just moving and storage – including space planning, hospitality logistics and commercial office furniture.

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Global logistics and warehousing

Suddath partners with you for all your end-to-end supply chain management needs. We specialize in contract logistics services, FF&E warehousing and distribution for the restaurant and retail industry, and global freight forwarding and domestic ground transportation. We customize and personalize our services for each customer and act as an extension of your business. Most importantly, we can adapt and respond quickly to changes without sacrificing the stability and reliability of your supply chain.

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JP Eschbacher

Vice President & General Manager

JP is Vice President and General Manager for the Tampa-area operations. Having served decades in the relocation industry on his own, he comes from a longstanding family tradition within the industry.

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FAQs by JP Eschbacher

1.Do I need valuation coverage?

Getting additional valuation coverage is really up to you, and what you’re comfortable with. You will be automatically provided with a $0.60 per lb. valuation, free of charge. However, if your goods are going to be worth more than that to you, it’s better to more fully protect your items.

2.Can Suddath move my car?

We can move your car. Our network of van operators, long-distance drivers and trusted partners can move your car anywhere you need to go. 

3.How can I best prepare for my move?

The best way to prepare for your move is start the process early. The biggest mistake I have seen in my years of service is the customers who wait until two weeks beforehand to request a move. 

Suddath recommends starting the process about eight weeks out. We even provide you with a very detailed moving checklist to help you understand what you should be thinking about.

If you're preparing your things ahead of time, you can make sure that you’re taking care of what you need to, and setting everything up so that your move day runs smoothly. Waiting until the last second usually causes the most grief and stress on you. 

4.What is a common issue for moving in Tampa and how do you deal with it?

As you can imagine, living in Florida, rain is our biggest issue we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Since we go through our rainy season every year, our Tampa movers know how to deal with the rain. Obviously, we can't stop it. There's nothing we can do about that, but our crews are constantly looking at the weather map to understand what's coming, when it's coming and how fast is it coming.

5.What if you break something? How do I submit a claim?

You will have a personal move coordinator who will be working with you throughout the entire process. In the rare case of something being damaged, you'll get in touch with your coordinator. They'll send you over a claim form and one of our claims representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours and get you squared away.

6.What are my different options for a moving estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

We have a couple of different options. First of all, you can do either an in-home survey, or virtual walkthrough to get your estimate. Either way, one of our move coordinators will go through your home with you room by room, and assess what needs to be moved. For an in-home estimate, we would set an appointment for someone to come out and do this in-person. During a virtual walkthrough, it’s the same process, but it’s done using either your smartphone or tablet. 

From there, the first option is to do a non-binding estimate, which means that whatever the weight of your shipment is, your cost is calculated based on that. However, we will not know the exact weight until moving day, when all your items are loaded onto the truck. 

We can also do a binding estimate, where you’re given the price for your move up front. So no matter if the weight goes under or above what we’ve estimated, you are only going to pay the rate we quoted to you. 

7.What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

To ensure quality, Suddath has invested in a training center in Jacksonville called ‘Suddath University.’ All new van operators and our crew leads go up there for a 5-day course where they go through an entire moving process, from understanding the paperwork, understanding what you go through on a daily move, how to properly pack a box, as well as properly padding and protecting furniture and loading the trucks. It's an intensive training. 

When they come back, they go out with our experienced crews to make sure what they learned is being practiced properly, and then we sporadically do quality control visits on those crews just to make sure that we're giving you the best possible service. We continue to have quality and safety meetings throughout each month with each crew to make sure our standards are being upheld and we're continuing to move that forward.

8.How do you select and hire your employees?

We run background checks on every employee that comes through here, and they also go through an intensive training process before they're allowed to start on the job. Every van operator also has to go through a drug screening.  

By the nature of the moving business, we do work with some contractors. Many of our van operators are contractors, but they’re hardly any different from our actual employees. They work exclusively for us, and most have been with Suddath for years. 

We actually have one gentleman in Tampa, one of our lead contractors on the commercial moving side, who has been with us for 31 years. Another guy has been with us for 22 years. 

We have a lot of tenure on our crew, and that’s because Suddath is a great organization. We're looking to grow someone else's career. I think these crews, I think they know that, and they know that they're working for the best. Any other company would be second-tier and not take care of them the way we do. 

9.Moving can be stressful. What do you do to make it easier for me?

Our moving company can take care of everything for you on the moving side. We can do a full-service move for you, which means that we’re there with you, packing up your house and making sure everything is organized and safe. You don't have to worry about a thing. 

The next day, our crew is in your house loading. We take everything, pick it up, put it on a truck and get you out of there. We work around your schedule, so if you tell us that you want to pack on one day and load the next day, we're going to make that happen for you. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that when you're moving with us you don't have to worry. 

You made the phone call, set us up, and now we're here to take care of it. 

10.Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath?

Here in the Tampa, St Pete area, we have 85,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space. Due to the climate that we face here in Florida, we made the investment to have all household goods stored in a climate-controlled building. That means it never gets above 78 degrees which is great, because when you're in Florida, mold is a very big issue. By keeping your items in climate-controlled storage, we're able to combat and avoid that. 

11.Does your moving company work with any local Tampa Bay charities?

Corporate-wide, Suddath works with Move For Hunger, which allows us to take our customers unwanted nonperishable goods off of their hands, and give them to people who need it. In 2017, Suddath and our customers collected almost 41,600 lbs of food.  

Locally, every year for Christmas, our local moving company works with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa to throw a Christmas party. We turn one of our warehouses into whatever that theme is for the year. Last year the theme was Winter Wonderland, so we had 45 kids come in. We had donations, got them gifts that were on there, and we even had a Santa. There were all sorts of games and food. We celebrate with those kids, and try and give back to the community as best as possible.

A lot of work goes into decorating the entire warehouse, but it's actually quite enjoyable and it's great to be able to give back. 

12.What commercial moving services do you offer?

We offer commercial moving services as small as helping you move one desk across town, to as large as moving an entire office building with thousands of people. 

Inside those services we can offer IT disconnect and reconnect, we can reconfigure your cubicles in your new space for better space usage. We can sell you your new furniture, so if you're seeing that your cubicles are outdated and need an upgrade, we can work with you on finding furniture that will fit better in your new space. 
We also work quite frequently with hospitals and medical facilities on their relocations, as well as FF&E projects, including remodeling hotels.

No matter what the commercial project is, we will take care of every step for you. 

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