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There is no place more critical than where patients are treated, diseases are cured, and lives are saved. The rapid pace of change in today’s healthcare industry means organizations need capable, flexible healthcare relocation and medical equipment movers who minimize disruption to the life-changing work of your hospital, research center, doctor’s office, or laboratories.

When you partner with Suddath®, you benefit from over 100 years of specialized commercial moving experience, with medical equipment, lab moving, and technology tailored for the unique challenges of your healthcare environment. Whether it’s organizing a dental office relocation, moving hospital beds, or managing even the most complex laboratory relocation , we mitigate risk, reduce cost and create a consistent program that fits your unique needs.

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Healthcare Facility Relocation Services

Suddath offers a wealth of resources to develop customized plans that identify savings across your activities, including specialized services for healthcare facilities. These services include:

  • FF&E warehousing
  • MAC and ongoing projects
  • Program solutions

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Why Choose Suddath

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Real-time Transparency into Healthcare Relocations

Common pain points for our healthcare customers are the lack of visibility and control over assets. That’s why Suddath strives to be the most innovative medical office moving company in our industry. After listening to client requirements, we developed award-winning tracker technology that dramatically improve the customer experience through modern self-service features, access to real-time information and strict controls over inventory and compliance.

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Save Money and Simplify with a Single Medical Relocation Partner

With a broad menu of healthcare relocation services and award-winning technology, Suddath helps you consolidate multiple services including medical and lab relocation, transportation, medical office decommissioning and warehouse asset management to create synergies across your project and support activity. By working with fewer vendors, you save administrative time, stretch your dollars further and increase accountability. Using proven industry best practices, we streamline your process to help you avoid costly waste and mistakes. We leverage our deep resources, so you can quickly scale to meet aggressive challenges head-on without compromising long-term budgets.

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Minimize Risk with Professional Medical Equipment Movers

Relocating laboratory equipment, medical devices, and records carries substantial risks that can be impactful to costs, operations, employees and patient experiences. From hazardous chemicals exposure and time-sensitive freight to data breach, these factors can be prevented when you partner with dependable medical and lab equipment movers capable of safely and securely transporting your facility’s valuable medical assets.

By leveraging our broad resources, including innovative technology with greater transparency, licensed medical relocation experts, GPS-tracked fleets, and a nationwide network of temperature-controlled warehousing, Suddath can precisely handle seamless transitions of essential medical resources.

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National Reach

We support our clients wherever they need us by combining local presence with global reach. Our national footprint spans 20 markets that include a vetted network of trusted partners around the globe. That means we deliver consistent solutions through standardized process that can be applied across the country. Whether you’re managing a project in a single location, several projects happening simultaneously in multiple locations or ongoing MAC support across different facilities, Suddath has the resources and reach to meet your needs.

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Essential Checklist for a Hassle-Free Healthcare Relocation

Navigate the complexities of a healthcare relocation, such as transporting sensitive medical equipment or confidential records, by following this comprehensive guide for careful planning and execution to ensure operational continuity and patient safety.

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How to Communicate a Medical Office Relocation

Follow these essential steps for a seamless plan that keeps staff informed, minimizes patient care disruptions, and executes clear logistics for a successful transition.

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How do you safely transport sensitive medical equipment?

As trusted medical equipment movers, we ensure your sensitive medical resources are carefully packed using protective materials, custom crating to securely transport sensitive equipment, and relocated via GPS-tracked vehicles for greater control along the journey.

How are patient records and data kept secure?

Sensitive records are transported in sealed, tamper-proof crates with a full chain of custody. Using our award-winning suite of technology, every container is QR-code labelled for more visibility and end-to-end tracking in real time.

How do you minimize disruption to patient care and services?

We develop a comprehensive medical office, equipment, and laboratory relocation solution coordinated to patient needs with contingency plans to enable continuity of care throughout the transition. Our goal is to ensure every component of the project is effectively communicated and implemented in phases for a seamless transition.

Do you offer pathology and clinical laboratory equipment moving?

Yes, we specialize in the complex relocation of analyzers, biotech instrumentation, cryostats, biosafety cabinets, and microscopes.

How do you handle hazardous materials and bio medical waste?

We partner with bio-medical specialists to properly identify, safely handle, and document the transportation of any hazardous substances per state and federal regulations.

Do you offer medical equipment calibration after reinstallation?

Yes, we follow manufacturer guidelines, conduct testing, calibration, and certification to operationalize equipment after the move.

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