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One of the biggest drivers of unplanned downtime during an office move is incomplete or improper desktop technology relocation and set up. Many internal IT teams don’t have the resources and experience to manage and execute all desktop technology needs during an office move. In a fraction of the time, Suddath® IT relocation experts ensure desktop technology is installed as the same configuration at origin, test start up, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and have each workspace ready for employees to be immediately productive. With Suddath handling your IT disconnect and reconnect, you minimize risk to your business and free your IT team to focus on other priorities. Using innovative technology, we document all assets during your move and give you unprecedented visibility into the process.

Save costs and reduce risks by:
  • Limiting the number of vendors you work with to increase efficiencies and accountability
  • Getting more accurate estimates through proprietary technology helping you better plan for and manage expenses
  • Having asset documentation, including digital images, and visibility into desktop set up and completion through our innovative technology
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IT Disconnect and Reconnect Services

  • Pre-move planning
  • Desktop equipment disconnect, including computers, monitors, keyboards, mouses, monitor arm installation and mounting, TVs, phones and other electronics
  • Cable management
  • Desktop equipment reconnect and testing
  • After-move support

Monitor Desktop Set Up in Real Time

Most companies offer little to no insight into your commercial move and IT set up. At Suddath, our proprietary Tracker® technology gives you more visibility and control over the entire move process by enabling you to monitor assets, progress, inventory flow and compliance.

Tracker also improves the move experience for employees and sets them up for success by ensuring all their items are accounted for and their workstation is ready to go on their first day in a new location.

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