About VyStar Credit Union

  • 2nd largest mortgage lender in Northeast Florida
  • Assets of $9 billion
  • Serving more than 675,000 members


Jacksonville, FL

Key Services

  • Office, employee and technology relocation
  • Secure asset tracking
  • IT disconnect/reconnect and wire management
  • Asset storage and disposal

The Facts

  • 4 locations combined into one
  • 1,000+ employees relocated
  • 12 phases over the course of a year

Client Testimonial

Tracker software was a key component and differentiator. It let us view how many things were collected, [and] where they were. It made it easy for us to visualize the whole process.

- Kyle Boden
VyStar Credit Union
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Industry-first technology provided more security for seamless office move

VyStar Credit Union, one of the largest financial institutes in the nation, was rapidly growing and adding employees to their Jacksonville, FL corporate locations. With employees separated into multiple offices throughout the city, leadership decided it would be best to consolidate into a central headquarter in the heart of downtown Jacksonville to enhance communication and collaboration while establishing a downtown presence close to a large portion of their customer base.

The challenge

VyStar was looking fr a provider to efficiently transition their entire operations, including more than 1,300 employees in multiple locations, into a 23-story high rise over a one-year period. Leadership was focused on finding a partner who could keep private information safe and secure and minimize disruptions for employees, allowing them to continue to focus on customer service.

One of Vystar’s biggest challenges was finding a provider that could handle both moving their employees’ everyday items as well as managing the relocation of technology and valuable assets while providing tracking information.


VyStar chose Suddath®, America’s leading commercial mover, because of their proven ability to seamlessly relocate employees, equipment and priceless information while offering ultimate control and security through proprietary technology.

During the move, VyStar had complete visibility into the relocation process through Suddath’s award-winning Tracker technology. This software enabled VyStar to track assets in real-time and monitor progress throughout the move via laptop, tablet or mobile device. Suddath used computer generated move labels with QR codes customized for each employee to scan and digitally track inventory, records, contents, furniture and equipment. Tracker provided a real-time line of visibility to all assets from origin to destination. This allowed the VyStar project manager to oversee what was happening in three locations simultaneously.

Due to the complexity involved in consolidating four locations into one office, Suddath minimized disruption with a move plan that interfered with the work hours of each department as little as possible. To make the move as seamless, Suddath devised detailed pre-, during- and postmove plans and checklists for VyStar’s upper management, technology team, facilities team, and each relocating employee.

Suddath created specialized intake forms for VyStar that were filled out prior to the move and allowed employees to provide specific instructions. These forms assigned each office, breakroom, lab, technology storage area, and file room designated QR codes and numbers that matched to what was going into that room once the items were received at the bank’s new downtown headquarters.

Workstations for more than 1,300 employees were relocated, including disconnecting and reconnecting technology equipment, ensuring new wiring was connected and fully functional, installing monitor arms and ensuring phone lines were set up before employees returned to work.

For added security, Suddath provided uniquely numbered security seals to ensure a compliant move. Trucks and crews were paired with security personnel that escorted them when transferring confidential files from origin to destination. Suddath completed the move on-time and on budget, achieving the bank’s goal of consolidating to a single corporate headquarters in Jacksonville with minimal disruption while customer information remained secure and compliant. VyStar Credit Union was so happy with the move that they are planning to use Suddath for upcoming projects, including ATM deployment, technology asset storage and management, and retail branch openings, closings and renovations.


  • Provided real-time move-monitoring software for full visibility
  • Secured sensitive data like members’ personal identification and financial information
  • Eliminated disruption to VyStar’s business
  • Minimized downtime for VyStar staff

See how Suddath’s award-winning technology provided control and visibility to the move.

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