Fast Facts

  • 815 employees transitioned to remote
  • 300+ workstations relocated
  • 300+ chairs relocated


  • IT disconnects
  • Packing services
  • Inventory of employee equipment and contents through Tracker
  • Pick up services organization
  • General on-site assistance
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Complete control over remote equipment distribution with innovative technology


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, a leading software development company immediately moved employees to remote work.

When it became clear employees would be working from home for a considerable amount of time, the organization was looking for a simple solution to pack and distribute employees’ equipment, including monitors, chairs and personal items, while ensuring safety for their workforce and expensive equipment.


As a previous Suddath® customer, the software development company knew they could count on our team to devise a solution that would mitigate risk. Using proprietary, innovative technology, Suddath created and implemented a secure system at two of the company’s campuses in California.

Our team packed all employees’ items into boxes and used our Tracker application to organize the inventory digitally and print computer generated QR codes to adhere to boxes. Through Tracker, we also took digital photos at every stage of the process to ensure all items that were on each desk were packed and received by the designated employee.

Because no employees were in the building at the time, some items were left in different areas, and therefore stored in another employees’ box. With Tracker, our team was able to easily identify where these items were stored and quickly reunite employees with their belongings.

This type of visibility and control streamlined the process for employees as well as the organization, creating a safer environment where employees spent minimal time at the office retrieving their items, therefore limiting exposure to others.

Our office moving solution added another layer of protection by securing all boxes with security tape to ensure nothing was tampered with before employees retrieved their items. Our trained professionals were onsite to help employees locate their boxes immediately and facilitate a smooth pick-up system.

A representative for the software company was impressed with Suddath’s ability to leverage Tracker and build a customized process that quickly overcome pandemic-related challenges to deliver a complete solution.


  • Provided unmatched visibility and control over packing and distributing employee equipment and contents through proprietary Tracker technology
  • Minimized risk using security tape on boxes to ensure no tampering
  • Enhanced safety for employees by limiting time in building during pandemic
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