Top 10 Most Forgotten Steps in a Home Move

Creating a moving checklist or moving to-do list is one of the most important steps you can take when you’re preparing to move. So are decluttering and getting organized. But no matter how prepared you are for the big stuff, it’s easy to forget smaller, out of sight moving tasks.

1. Personal records

Get copies of medical records, including dental and immunizations, as well as pet veterinary records. Also get an official copy of your child’s permanent academic records. You’ll need these to register for a new school.

2. Buried treasure

Collect valuables or unwrapped gifts you may have hidden. Carry small valuable items, like jewelry, with you when moving or keep them in a safe deposit box instead of packing them in the moving truck.

3. Items to retrieve or return

Retrieve items that are being dry-cleaned, stored or repaired when you’re preparing to move. Return library books and other items you’ve borrowed from friends and neighbors.

4. Your new address

Keep it handy in your wallet or purse.

5. Cleaning supplies

Set aside cleaning supplies for the final “once-over” or hire a cleaning service in advance.

6. Phone and computer chargers

Moving day is the last day you want to run out of battery power on phones and laptops. Keep chargers with you in the car or van.

7. Garage opener

Handing over garage door openers and key codes to new owners are two of the most frequently forgotten tasks on a moving to-do list.

8. Spare keys

Collect all spare house keys you’ve hidden away or lent out to friends, family or neighbors. Also gather and label keys to storage sheds, mailboxes and locking cabinets.

9. Pets and plants

You won’t leave your pets behind, but you may forget to plan ahead for their safe transportation. In most cases, animals and plants can’t be moved with your household goods.

10. Financial accounts

If you have an account with a local or regional bank, consider transferring your checking, savings and investment accounts to a new one in your new neighborhood before you move. And don’t forget to close out smaller accounts like your kids’ savings accounts if you’re changing banks.

Preparing to move? Try our home moving checklist, or talk to us about how we can help with your upcoming relocation.