4 Ways to Get Organized for a Home Move

While moving can be exciting, it’s no secret that it also causes a certain amount of stress. Stress thrives on disorganization. Here are a few pro moving tips to help you prepare better for an upcoming home move.

1. Declutter early so you have less to organize.

Downsizing your belongings and decluttering your garage are two practical first steps when moving your home. Determine what you want to keep, what gets donated and what simply needs to be thrown away. Then be sure to follow through and donate the goods and toss what needs to go. Some charities will make pickups at your home. And if you have too much to fit into your trash can, look into canvas waste bags. There are some restrictions to how they can be used, but pickup usually has a flat fee. Consider donating canned goods to a food bank to save on space.

2. Labeling eases stress on both ends of the move.

Labeling boxes as you pack is a no-brainer. It helps you get organized before moving, and also helps you get organized faster as you settle into your new home. There are box labels made for moving, but you can also write directly on the boxes.

  • Label the top and sides of boxes so labels can be read when stacked
  • Use medium to thick legible black markers and print neatly
  • Write which room the box should be placed in
  • Use colored tape to quickly identify which box goes in which room
  • Describe the contents clearly (e.g., “utensils” instead of “kitchen stuff”)
  • For items you’ll need right away after moving, like soap and toilet paper, write “OPEN ME FIRST”
  • Take photos of how cables are plugged into electronic equipment before you remove them. Then label all cords and pack them with their electronics.

3. Things not to place in the moving truck.

Planning to take these items with you, instead of packing them away for the moving truck, is a great moving tip:

  • Medications
  • Special items for children, like favorite stuffed animals or blankets
  • Legal documents like birth certificates and passports
  • Receipts and contact information you’ll need in your new location

Also be aware that movers can’t take “non-allowables” like liquids, flammable items, candles or batteries. Propane tanks, gasoline cans, lawnmowers and gas-powered tools must be drained.

4. Organize the move room by room.

Tackle one room at a time when you’re packing. Start with a storage area or a room used less often. Do an initial pack for each room and box up items like seasonal clothes. When it gets closer to the move, go back and box up the rest of the items. The more frequently used items in the room can be packed last.

By using the moving tips above, you’ll be more relaxed on both ends of the move and that much more excited about your new home.

There are different types of packing services available if you’re looking for help. Feel free to contact us to talk about full, partial or do-it-yourself packing options for your next move.