3 Ways to Declutter Your Garage Before Moving

Decluttering before you move is not only cathartic, but saves you money on moving services and storage solutions. Most garages contain things we no longer use and probably should donate, sell or discard. Instead of moving unwanted belongings to your new house, take the time to declutter your garage before calling for estimates on moving services or storage solutions.

1. Take inventory of everything in your garage

The first step is getting a good idea of what you have. Move everything out of your garage and into one of four piles:

  • Discard – items to be thrown in the garbage or taken to the dump
  • Donate/Recycle – lightly used items that could be used by someone in need (try Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or local shelters who can even turn old cell phones into emergency lifelines)
  • Sell – items in good condition that you can put in a yard sale or sell online on craigslist or ebay
  • Keep – items you use regularly or are personally valuable to you

2. Set aside items that can’t be moved, paint, and propane tanks

By law, moving services can’t transport your hazardous materials due to safety concerns. Storage solutions may also not be an option. Find a way to safely dispose of hazardous materials, such as local community collection days.

3. Unfinished projects

It’s common for people to hold on to materials purchased for unfinished improvement projects. Decide whether to finish or scrap the projects before your move. If the improvements don’t help the sale or value of your home or are not required by a purchase agreement, you may want to skip the stress and focus on all the other aspects of moving.

Ultimately, decluttering spaces like your garage can relieve some of the burden of unpacking in your new home. Plus, decluttering is rewarding. It feels good to get rid of items you no longer want or need.

Contact us to talk through your upcoming move and get some advice about downsizing your belongings.