5 Unexpected Moving Delays

Out of all possible moving tips, the biggest one is no surprise: plan ahead. But even when you’ve done everything “right”—you’ve picked an optimal moving date, you hired a moving company before they were booked, and you left plenty of time for packing—the unforeseen can happen. These moving tips cover the second most important piece of advice when you relocate: plan for the unplanned.

1. Packing takes longer than anticipated.

When they relocate, many individuals and families focus on big items—like furniture—and essentials like clothing and kitchen supplies. What often surprises them are items that don’t fit an obvious category, like the sometimes random objects people store in the garage or on laundry room shelves. Taking a thorough inventory of every corner of every room is one of the top moving tips. And when you do, try to picture the mismatched items in volume rather than categories: how many boxes will it take to pull them together when you relocate?

2. You forgot about cleaning.

The expectation after closing is that each party moves into a clean house. The rooms don’t have to sparkle, but they shouldn’t include any debris, cobwebs, or new stains on carpets or walls that were not visible during showings. Sometimes it’s only after moving furniture out of the way that hidden messes emerge, and you’ll want to find out sooner rather than later if professional cleaning will be required. You may want to make furniture a first step in your moving process: move all large items into one or two rooms to assess any hidden surprises in advance. As for your new house, there’s really no way to know what kind of mess was left for you until the final walkthrough, which may occur on the same day as your closing. Leave extra time for cleaning your new home, as well.

3. You ran out of packing supplies.

Buy or collect extra boxes, packing tape, markers and labels. There’s never a lack of customers for your leftover containers in the classifieds after you relocate.

4. The weather, or traffic, turned bad.

You can anticipate moving in the heat based on the season, but moving in the rain is usually a surprise. Have extra supplies on hand like bottled water for the heat or extra plastic bags for the rain. As for traffic, plot out your routes in advance, taking into account road closings, which are to be expected if you’re moving on a holiday weekend.

5. There are crossed signals with the mover.

Make sure you and your mover have agreed upon dates and times for pickup and delivery. It’s the homeowner’s or renter’s responsibility to confirm a time, and the mover’s to be there at that time.

When you expect the unexpected you’ll have extra time, supplies and mental preparation for everything that can go “wrong,” and more time to make the rest of it go right.

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