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Miami's Leader in Moving, Storage and Logistics 

Suddath® has been a trusted moving, storage and logistics provider in Miami and the surrounding area for nearly 100 years, providing residential moves, commercial moving and storage, corporate employee relocation and global warehousing and logistics services. We take care of our customers by providing a broad range of high-quality services, flexible to your needs, and supported with personalized customer service and full transparency to cost and schedule.


Residential moving and storage in Miami, Florida 

Whether you and your family are moving locally in Miami, long distance or internationally, you can count on Suddath to deliver a high-quality move – with less hassle, and often for less money than our local competitors. Our highly experienced team is trained and background-checked to ensure high-quality and reliable packing, moving and storage services from start-to-finish. Contact us or request a moving quote; we'll walk you through the entire process so you can decide what works best for you.

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Corporate employee relocation in Miami and the surrounding area 

Miami businesses, both large and small, choose Suddath as their preferred employee relocation company. Our experienced move coordinators and professional crews take care of your employees every step of the way, treating relocating families and their belonging as if they were their own.

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Commercial moving and workplace solutions

Suddath helps some of the world’s largest companies move quickly and efficiently. Our Workplace Solutions specialists are International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)-certified and provide high-quality commercial moving and storage services that save you time and money. Your business continuity is always our top priority. That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique needs and requirements, and offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond just moving and storage – including space planning, hospitality logistics and commercial office furniture.

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Global logistics and warehousing

Suddath partners with you for all your end-to-end supply chain management needs. We specialize in contract logistics services, FF&E warehousing and distribution for the restaurant and retail industry, and global freight forwarding and domestic ground transportation. We customize and personalize our services for each customer and act as an extension of your business. Most importantly, we can adapt and respond quickly to changes without sacrificing the stability and reliability of your supply chain.

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Steve von Oetinger

Vice President & General Manager

Steve von Oetinger is Vice President and General Manager for the Suddath Miami Branch. An industry veteran for nearly 30 years, he’s known as an effective leader and a problem solver.

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FAQs by Steve Von Oetinger

1.Do I need valuation coverage?

It depends on what you’re moving, but I would advise getting it. Without valuation coverage, your goods are insured for $0.60 per lb., per article. So, if an item weighs 100 lbs., you would get $60 if the item was damaged and needs to be replaced. However, with valuation coverage, you can get full-value protection if that item is worth more than $0.60 per lb.

2.How can I prepare for my move?

A few critical things. To start off, secure your valuables, your important papers and documents. Select an area of your home to leave your suitcases and all your belongings that you're going to take with you. That way, the packers and movers don't pack anything you don't want packed and moved onto the moving van.

My second piece of advice would be – don't plan too much on move day. I would consider using our full-packing service, as opposed to you attempting to pack and running short of time and not being prepared on load day. 

3.What is a common issue for moving in Miami and how do you deal with it?

In Miami, there are some challenges with the traffic and access to certain residences, neighborhoods and apartments that require a shuttle service.

Office moving would be similar, but it’s unique with restricted times to move out of the building and elevator access. Any building or apartment we would supply an up-to-date certificate of insurance so building managers can feel confident knowing they are covered if we were to cause any damage to the property.

Also, hurricane season is definitely an issue in South Florida and Florida as a whole. Usually we come through those pretty well, but let's say there's a hurricane, then certainly everything gets put on hold.

Suddath's been very good about how they operate when there's a natural disaster like a hurricane. We have a hurricane preparedness program, we have phone trees, we have support from our corporate office in Jacksonville with a fully stocked hurricane trailer and supplies that support the folks that work at a particular branch that's affected. 

4.What are my different options for an estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

Suddath offers both a virtual walkthrough and in-home survey. Personally, I prefer an in-home survey, if you have more than two bedrooms and 5,000 lbs. of belongings that need to be relocated. If you have a relatively small shipment, however, we do have our virtual walkthrough option, which is convenient for your schedule, as it can be done from your tablet or phone.

Once we do your survey, we can give you a binding estimate, where you pay no more than 110% based off what we estimated, or you can get a non-binding estimate, which is based on actual weight. 

5.I’m looking to move internationally. How can Suddath help?

International is a significant part of what we do in the Miami market. If you’re moving internationally, we have a dedicated international move counselor who can come to your house, counsel you, and provide you with a free, accurate estimate. We would provide a pack and loading service here at the Miami location prior to your shipment being forwarded.

6.What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

At origin and destination, our moving company protects your home with both floor protection and door jamb protection. We pad and un-pad your furniture in and outside of the home during the loading and delivery process.

On an interstate move, we have two ways to track your shipment via technology both on the physical truck, and with the GPS on our drivers electronic logging device. If you have items in our warehouse, it is protected by our fenced and gated facility with 24-hour monitoring.

We’ve recently upgraded our warehouse management system to where we scan every item into the warehouse, we scan every item and we know it's location in real-time as it gets moved around. It’s very efficient, very accurate and includes a client portal where you as the customer can go in and see your inventory’s location in real-time.

7.How do you select and hire your employees? Do you contract work out?

Our local moving company’s focus is on safety, and our compliance helps us to provide safe transportation in these large vehicles. We have a rigorous background-check policy, and our drivers have go through an in-depth background and qualification process, including a drug screening, to be compliant with the DOT.

What's unique about Suddath and its local markets is that all our drivers are interstate qualified. That means that they go through the same qualification process whether they're going to move you locally or if they are moving you across the country.

Any person who goes into a customer's home has a service crew ID number, which means that they've undergone that background check and are fully compliant. So, although we do use contract van operators, they are virtually indistinguishable from our salaried employees – they work exclusively for Suddath, go through the same training and background checks, and most (if not all) have worked with us for years.

8.Do you have an executive move service offering?

We do have an executive move service offering that we have defined as Suddath Nobility. We have dedicated coordination for those moves, because executive-level relocations require that kind of specialized attention for the transferred person to focus on what’s important – succeeding in their new position and work environment.

A Nobility move focuses on offering highly personalized services from our experienced team. That executive will have a dedicated account manager, who is available around the clock and will plan timelines, review logistical needs and discuss personal touches.

There will also be an on-site project manager, support services and a vendor contact reference list, an electronic document package, all designed to ensure no detail is left unattended. 

9.What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

Quite a bit. We follow our safety and quality metrics not only through the United system but through our own reporting. Alongside that, every branch has an assigned safety representative. We complete certified training for United, and we also have Suddath University where local and long-distance drivers alike spend almost a week in Jacksonville, FL.

At Suddath University, there are multiple training rooms with different labs – not only for technology and processes training, but soft skills training, so our Miami movers can excel at customer service while they’re executing your move. There is also a pre-fab apartment built into the warehouse where they utilize their training for packing and loading containerized shipments.

10.What commercial moving services do you offer and/or specialize in?

In the Miami market, we spend a lot of time working on healthcare campuses. We do MAC work, which stands for moves, adds, and changes. This is ongoing work at a business who has daily change management needs. We also have extensive experience moving complete offices from an old space to new space, and in moving warehouses.

Within those services we provide IT disconnect and reconnect services, and we have a program for clients with large campuses where they can procure services through our patent-pending Telescio® web portal and those services are bundled to provide cost savings. We also have a Tracker service for commercial moving that will tell you in real time when we've moved items out of the building into a truck, and then when they are delivered at destination.

11.Our hotel is undergoing a remodel in South Florida. What type of support can you offer?

Suddath’s Hospitality Logistics team is equipped to help with all phases of your hotel remodel, and even new construction. In the South Florida region, we've just completed a Hilton Garden Inn® project, and currently have a Key West hotel that our team is delivering furniture to for a remodel.

For projects like those, we offer services such as project management, warehousing and distribution and sequencing, FF&E installation and transportation management. Alongside business-class hotel chains like the Hilton Garden Inn®, we also work with bigger international resorts, like the Baha Mar® hotel and resort in the Bahamas. Our installation services and project management work together to ensure hospitality projects stay on-time, on-budget and on-brand. 

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