Commercial Move Planning

Once your space and furniture plans are set, now it’s time to prepare your business for the move. Our proactive communication process allows us to break your complex challenges into manageable parts. 

  • Identify order of business unit moves
  • Establish move contacts in each business unit
  • Document the to and from move lists (move grid)
  • Communicate move plans to business unit leaders and employees

Suddath® believes ongoing communication and positive messaging are critical when moving your business, and is the hallmark of full-service office moving.

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Planning a workplace relocation? Start your office moving checklist.

Part of your bigger team

Our planning solutions can be delivered independently or in partnership with your real estate provider, architect, designer, move manager or project management firm. Through partnership, we leverage the combined experience and resources of all the experts involved with your relocation. Having all of your advisors aligned is essential when planning a move.

Your moving partner

Don’t just communicate about the move, communicate what this new space means to your employees to assure a comfortable transition. Suddath ensures that information to your employees is fully disseminated prior to, during and after the move. Your employees will know where to park in the new location, how to get a security badge, where the amenities are and so forth.

We know we’re part of a bigger team. Let us help your employees navigate their new space. We will partner with you to successfully execute a move plan.

Whether you’d like help planning a move or are looking for full-service office moving, we’d love to talk about how we can partner in meeting your goals.  

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