Space, Furniture and Employee Move Planning

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While relocation is at the heart of our business, Suddath® is more than a moving company. Whether providing office space planning, working as a move planner or helping organizations think through commercial office furniture needs, ultimately we’re most concerned with helping you create an environment that works for your business goals.

Office Space Planning
Commercial Office Furniture Planning
Employee Move Planning

Space planning

We approach office space planning with one simple question that has complex answers and implications: how do you want your business to work? Once we sit down with you and get a sense of how your business works and how you want it to work moving forward, we develop a plan that provides the most efficient workflow by utilizing your space in the best way possible. We make sure that the right departments are next to the right departments, and the right people are next to the right people. We want to identify and create synergies within your environment while maximizing every square foot so you and your people can do your best work.

Furniture planning

While looking at what kind of commercial office furniture will best fit your business, our charge is to accomplish your business goals without breaking the bank. This starts with maximizing the value of the assets you already own and if, to achieve your objectives, you need to acquire new furniture, we look beyond the luxury brands to value-oriented options. We can also responsibly recycle, donate or sell your unwanted furniture, fixtures and equipment to help offset your costs.

Move planning

Move planning is all about proactive communication and getting your business units and employees ready to move. We will also architect a customized move plan for your unique business and break complex challenges down into manageable phases. The goal is to make the move process as stress free as possible while reducing downtime and confusion.

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We’d love to learn about your business, and talk more about what we can do as a move planner, advisor or commercial mover on your existing and/or newly acquired space.

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Office Moving Checklist

Follow the same steps our office move planners use when prepping for workplace relocation.

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