We assess and plan your library relocation

When moving, growing or downsizing your library, look to us as stewards of your collection. Suddath® truly becomes an extension of your team. With numerous pre-planning meetings, our team creates a timed and educated move process that allows us to pre-map your move, ensuring everything in your circulation will have a place.

To provide your library with detailed pre-mapping, our teams assess your phasing plan, critical timeline requirements and are fully immersed in the organization of your library. We understand the difference between the Dewey Decimal Classification System in public libraries and the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) in academic libraries. We review the layout of your current space and new location to assure that everything in your library from collections, technology, artifacts, shelving systems or carrels have a pre-determined space that makes sense.

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We want the patrons of your library to have a seamless transition to your new space

The digitizing of information has led to an increase in technology in libraries. Gone are the days of simply seeing stacks of books within a library. Now many libraries house public computers, e-readers, 3D printers, microfiche and binding machines. Suddath prides itself on understanding the specific nature of relocating technology; our teams are capable of not only relocating your technology, but reconnecting at your new space.

Services and enhanced solutions

After we have successfully assessed and planned your library relocation, the process of preparing and relocating the library collection begins. Our team measures shelf space and employs carts and spacers to manage shelf capacity. Suddath utilizes specialized library relocation equipment and tactics.

• Stack movers
• Uniform library carts that hold a specific linear footage
• Acid-free protective materials – especially important when relocating a library with incunabulum
• Anti-static bubble protection for technology
• Weather proofing
• White gloves to avoid oil transfers


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