Relocating Critical Technology Environments 

Nothing is more critical to your company than being back up and running in your new location. Having the right plan and partner to relocate your servers, desktop equipment and critical technology assets is key. From planning the complex server cutover right through making sure the desktop IT equipment is connected and tested on move day, we understand our role in minimizing the move’s impact on your business.

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IT relocation is a team sport

Many IT departments have the precise knowledge of exactly what must happen during a complex technology move, but lack the internal manpower and resources to meet the needs of a large project occurring over a short period of time. We understand that our role is to supplement your internal resources while ensuring strict compliance with your controlled processes. If your internal IT relocation process could use some improvement, please let us help. We work with some of the best technology companies in the world and have tremendous experience and knowledge about what works and how to craft a winning solution. 

We recognize that due to the complex nature of technology relocations, our role is to operate as a member of a larger team. Collaboration, communication and teamwork between the various internal departments, OEMS, outside engineers, electricians and technicians is crucial to your success.

Data center and desktop moves aren't one in the same

If you need assistance in the data room mapping, de-cabling, de-stacking, restacking and re-cabling, we have the technical staff to join your team. If you are challenged with a flex up in inventory, disconnect, reconnect and test hundreds of desktop set-ups, we have experienced desktop technicians to help you scale up for a large project. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution and we understand that our role is to provide flexible value-added solutions.     

We do it your way, precisely. 

When your plan calls for dedicated server crews, trucking and rigorous inventory, chain of custody reporting and notifications, that is exactly what you will receive. When the plan calls for all of the computer equipment to move first, it will. We know how important a synchronized plan is and we understand that there is no margin for error when relocating your critical technology assets.  

Services provided in critical technology environments:

  • Variable and on-going data center migration support
  • Comprehensive technology relocation services
  • Desktop equipment inventory, disconnect, reconnect, cable management and connectivity testing 
  • New asset deployment and end-of-life asset retirements

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