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Atlanta’s Best for Moving, Storage and Logistics

Through decades of leading in local moving, storage and logistics in Atlanta, Suddath® has become the city’s best choice for experienced, courteous and high-quality service. A family moving company started in Jacksonville, FL in 1919, we have expanded our services globally in the past hundred years. We move people, business and products to destinations across the world with care, expertise and flexibility.

Suddath has kept a high level of care with all customers by offering a broad and flexible range of options for every person, business and product. We’re committed to maintaining a high level of support during what can be stressful time with full insight into process, cost and schedule, alongside dedicated customer service.

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Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.



Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

residential moving

Trusted for Atlanta moving and storage

You might be moving locally in Atlanta or need to travel a long distance across the Peach State, the country or even an ocean, for an international move. Wherever your destination, you can trust that Suddath will get you there.  

When trying to find the best moving company for your needs, it can be a struggle to find a moving company that is nearby that is affordable and has the expertise and quality you want. With Suddath, we put your mind at ease; we are local to Atlanta and understand all the challenges of moving in the area. Our crews are fully trained in our own, industry-leading Suddath University program and background checked. This means that training happens on our time – not yours. Through your single point of contact for the move, you will have full transparency into your move plan, as well as support in choosing what moving services work best for you and your budget.

You can contact us at no obligation to request a moving quote, schedule a virtual walkthrough using your smartphone, or just to get our advice on the moving process so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

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relocation management specialist discussing employee move plans

Customizable global relocation programs out of Atlanta

As a preferred corporate relocation company in Atlanta, Suddath is proud to have a long history of serving businesses of all sizes. We focus our efforts on taking care of every detail of your transferees’ move by leveraging a single point of contact for your employees. Our move coordinators have the experience necessary to seamlessly help navigate your employees every step of the way, while our professional crews personally take care of every detail during the move process.

We treat your transferee and their belongings as if they were our own, which means your best asset will be ready to hit the ground running in their new location.

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atlanta office mover working on space planning

Atlanta’s leader in office and commercial moving

Some of the world’s largest and most complex companies trust a commercial moving company like Suddath to move them quickly and efficiently. Not only will you get the benefit of that experience, but our office relocation services are comprehensive so that we can save you both time and money. We go beyond just high-quality commercial moving and storage and will create a unique moving plan that can include services like space and furniture planningdecommissioning and vacated space services and ongoing program solutions (MAC work). 

Through every step of the process, your business continuity will remain top of mind. Our tailored solutions are optimized towards the unique way you operate, down to the team level.

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third party warehouse workers discussing hospitality project management

Your local partner in global logistics and warehousing

When it comes to your end-to-end supply chain management, Suddath is a partner in all your endeavors and needs. Our services are impactful because of the personalized touch we provide for each client. We truly to act as extension of your business and not just another vendor to manage.

We specialize in contract logistics services, FF&E warehousing and distribution for the restaurant and retail industry, and global freight forwarding and domestic ground transportation. In all of those, we pride ourselves in quickly responding to change without sacrificing any supply chain stability and reliability.

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Chris Perry

Vice President & General Manager

Chris is the Vice President and General Manager of our Suddath operations in Atlanta, Georgia. He loves the breadth of offerings, global reach and overall adaptability of the company.

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Atlanta Moving FAQ's by Chris Perry

1. Can I choose any day to load my belongings?

Yes. I would recommend you work with your move coordinator to work on the dates, but keep in mind the best thing to do is have some flexibility when it comes to load dates. Because we schedule based on availability, certain days may be less expensive to move – for example, moving on a Thursday may be less expensive than moving on a Saturday. This is especially true during peak moving season, which is May through August. Our move coordinators will work closely with you to ensure we’re able to secure the move dates that best suit you and your family.

2. How can I prepare for my Atlanta move?

I’d say by being prepared and having patience. Preparation, meaning, having everything in order, and organizing what you’re taking by what room it will go into. You should also organize everything that you don’t want our movers to take – if there are items like medication or children’s toys that you’re going to want to keep with you, set them aside in dedicated area.

Preparation is especially important so you don’t become overwhelmed when the crew arrives. Our crews do this every day, and are trained in following a certain process. When they arrive, they are ready to execute so that the move can go smoothly and stay on-schedule.
Our process is that they are going to come in, tour the home with the homeowner, lay house and home protection down – this means floor and door jamb protection – and get the truck ready. It can feel like a lot happening very quickly, so preparation goes a long way. 

I would also advise trusting our crews, and having patience throughout moving day. It’s a very stressful day in most people’s lives, and we are here to work with you. Whether it be our crew on-site, or our customer service team in our Atlanta office, we want to make sure you have a positive experience.  

If you have those two things – you’re prepared before move day and have patience on move day - it will go smoothly. 

3. What is a common issue for moving in Atlanta and how do you deal with it?

Anyone who lives in or has visited Atlanta knows that the traffic can be a big issue. That’s something you’re usually going to fight in major cities, especially in a sprawling city like Atlanta that always has an abundance of people flowing through it. 

Our location in Duluth is right off of 85. We're northeast of the city so if we're moving somebody down by the airport, it takes about an hour and a half to two hours in the morning. 

That just means that we prepare to leave earlier and give our crews the time to stay on schedule. We do this by preparing the night before to get the crews ready. That way, when they leave at 6 a.m., they only have to check their trucks and then hit the road.

4. What if you break something? How do I submit a claim?

In the rare occurrence that you will have an issue, the first thing you would do is to get in touch with your move coordinator. The coordinator will work with you in getting the claim notification to you. It’s an electronic submission, so you're able to file it online, and at that point you'll be turned over to our claims team, who will bring your claim to a resolution.

5. What are my different options for a moving estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

We recommend doing an in-home survey, but we do also provide a virtual walkthrough, which can be done from your phone or tablet. 

An in-home survey allows us to be able to come in and make sure we’re fully assessing the property, including any potential access issues for our trucks. You can meet the sales person, look them in the eye, ask them questions, and talk through the logistics of the move. I think it also gives you a level of comfort for move day, that you’re able to meet someone ahead of time who represents Suddath. 

However, we are as thorough as possible in our virtual walkthrough. We understand that time is of the essence these days, and it is a very accommodating option – you can do it early in the morning, or perhaps later when you’re home from work. I would compare it to a Facetime application, where you work with a move coordinator on one end of the call, and they would direct you while walking through your home with them, using your phone or tablet. 

I would personally recommend having someone actually come to the home but again, I know with everybody's hectic schedules these days, it may be easier and more efficient to do the virtual walkthrough survey. Either way, we have a couple of different options to be able to work with you to get the estimate done.

6. What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

A number of things. First off, we're going to take a detailed inventory of your items. Then, we're going to make sure the goods that we're taking possession of are marked accordingly. A lot of that is done with a tablet now, so the driver or packer is going through and checking a sofa or chairs for stains, or any pre-existing marks and scratches, and making a note of it. 

After making an inventory, we’re going to pad the furniture in the home. You should never see furniture leaving the home unpadded. We're going to label boxes according to where they’re going. We’re not having to play a guessing game as we're opening up a box, you will simply direct us to where the garage is, or where the children's rooms are. 

A big part of what our Atlanta movers do to protect your goods is in loading the truck properly. It’s almost like a puzzle, and the tighter the better. 

7. Do you use contractors in your moves?

We do. Using contractors is a tenant of the industry, but the difference with us is that we treat them just like employees. They are exclusive to Suddath, and many, if not all, have been here for years. In Atlanta, we’ve got Dexter Ramsey who celebrated his 20th year in 2017, and he's been a United Van Operator of the year. He recently came off the road and now does 95% of our commercial projects for us here in the market. You also have a guy like Dexter, who is the heart and soul of what we're all about here in Atlanta. He's a big part of our success and there are a number of others. Our contractor Ronny has been with us 15 plus years. He's one of the best guys you could ever want on an international or household goods move.  

Our success in Atlanta has been built upon the hard work of employees as well as the hard work of the contractors who have been dedicated to us for a number of years. 

8. Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath?

Yes. Our warehouse in Atlanta is military certified and we're food-grade certified, with a state of the art scanning system and 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We have just shy of 1,100 storage vaults for household goods shipments, we've got 3,000 pallet positions for logistics projects and we've got 40,000 to 60,000 sq. ft. of floor space for hospitality and commercial storage projects. 

I think one of the differentiators for us with warehousing, especially in this market, is the fact that we want you to come look at our warehouse if you're able to. 

If you're thinking about storing your goods with us, go look at the warehouse and ask where your goods are going to be stored and how they're going to be stored. Don't make an appointment, just drop in. I welcome anybody, anytime, any day to come to the warehouse. If it's the weekend, I'll meet you here. But anytime, any day, come by the warehouse. Then, you make a determination from there what warehouse you feel would best suit your goods. 

9. Do you offer any discard and donation programs?

Suddath works nationally with Move For Hunger, so we coordinate with our customers on every move to collect unwanted nonperishable food items, which we then make sure to go to people in need in our community. 

For the second year in a row, our moving company participated in "Run for the Rescues" through the Atlanta Humane Society. That's a topic that's near and dear to me. My dog is a rescue, and there are a lot of dogs and cats out there that need good homes. We also sponsor a number of local youth’s sports teams in the market – we sponsored my son's football team last year, and one of our driver’s daughter’s softball teams. 

We try and make a point that every month we're doing something for our community, whether it be a monetary donation or a time donation. We want to be more involved, because as a business, I don't think that you can ask for support from a community if you're not giving that support right back.

10. What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

I think quality starts with the hiring process. Our Atlanta local moving company is only employing the best people. We're not just bringing on bodies to meet numbers during the busy season. We're bringing on people that want to do a great job, who take this industry seriously. 

When I’m hiring, I want to know that you're going to show up on time. I want to know that you're going to be in uniform. I want to know that you're going to communicate. I want to know that you're going to be respectful. I want to know that you're going to treat the customers' goods as if they're your goods. We know all of that by training every single one of our drivers, whether they’re short or long-distance, a contractor or an employee, at Suddath University. In the off-season, we send them to our corporate office in Jacksonville, FL to train in soft skills, safety, as well as all of our packing and unpacking procedures. 

We’re doing thorough drug screens and background checks on every individual that we bring on board. That’s non-negotiable for a driver on the road. But the amount of time and training we invest into our people is the real differentiator in service. 

11. What differentiates Suddath from its commercial competitors in Atlanta?

Commercially, I think some of what separates us in Atlanta is that we own our own equipment. From owning our own trucks down to our dollies – when we deliver 500 crates out to you for your office move, they say Suddath on them. I think that adds a special touch when a customer knows that we've invested in the pride of what we're doing out there. 

Our employees are IOMI® certified, (International Office Mover Institute) so they have been through the proper training. Whether that be a coordinator, a salesperson, or the crew that's going out and performing the move, they all have been through the certification process. 

Another big differentiator is the technology that we have when it comes to the patent-pending Telescio® Estimator technology platform that the sales team uses and how they're able to produce quotes now. It’s much clearer and easier for the customer to understand. Alongside that is our proprietary Tracker software where you can see the progress of a move in real-time. 

Some of the questions that are always asked are, ‘well how far along are we? We're on a 300 person move, how many of them have been moved so far? How many computers are set back up? How many have been disconnected? How long do we have to go?’ 

Well Tracker will tell you all of that. Tracker tells you real-time who's been loaded up, who's in transit and who's been delivered and set back up. So if I'm a project manager for a company that's out there trying to look over the move or I'm in charge of the move process for a certain company, I can see real-time results as to how the move is going and there's no other competitor in the market that has that technology. 

12. What commercial moving environments do you specialize in and then within that what services do you offer?

There really isn't much that we can't do commercially. We can move, warehouse, do installs, space planning, we can offer project management services, MAC work (Moves Adds Change), all the way through to decommissioning your unwanted items. 

In Atlanta, we're doing a multi-faze decommission for a healthcare company right now, last year we completed a patient move for the new patient wing in Emory Hospital. We actually moved patients from one side of the hospital to another. We’re about to move a company from Savannah to Athens in a couple of weeks. 

Part of what makes Suddath unique is the fact that we can call upon resources and experience from other areas of the company, which makes us able to handle anything that needs moving. We’ve been around for 100 years, and in that time we’ve moved everything from rocket fuel to Egyptian relics. We’re built to handle moving anything.   

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