Highly-trained crews for a safe long-distance move

Long distance moving can become far more stressful than needed if your movers aren’t properly trained and vetted. While many people often move within their local area, a long-distance move involves a completely different set of needs, logistics for getting your items quickly and safely where they need to go, and a more experienced team. You and your belongings will be going farther, and you need a moving team who is prepared to go the distance with you.

At Suddath®, our drivers attend our own week-long training curriculum called Suddath University, where they are put through rigorous training on how to safely move your belongings across great distances. Whether you are moving across the mountains to Oregon, to the east coast or anywhere in between, Suddath can get you anywhere you need to go across the country, and we are fully prepared to transport your belongings safely.

Suddath long distance moving is home to fully-vetted drivers who understand that a long-distance move requires more understanding, preparation, and dedication. It is our top priority to make sure you have peace of mind while we safely deliver your items to your new city.

For 100 years, Suddath has been moving families in the United States. It’s this depth of experience combined with a strong commitment to putting our customers first that makes long distance moving with Suddath a top choice all over the country. Our success is proven by the customers who consistently give us 5-star reviews on Google, making us one of the highest rated long-distance movers in San Jose.

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Training for moving specialty items long distance

Our experience in moving individuals and families across long distances runs deep. When you’ve been moving people for an entire century, you learn how to move just about anything. Throughout our years in the business, we have moved rare antiques, entire airplane hangars, and even large sea animals. Not only did we move it all, but we also did it with ease.

Because of our breadth of industry experience, we are a moving company that can expertly handle pianos, fine art, wine collections, cars, boats, and other precious or delicate items. We also specialize in providing crating and packaging for these items.

We have dedicated time in our Suddath University crew curriculum for learning how to move these specialty items. We teach them how to properly protect, move and set up these items, using our wide range of equipment.

A single-point-of-contact for your move

Moving long distance can be even more stressful than a local move, and we make it our goal to take as much of that stress off your shoulders as possible. One of the things that makes Suddath stand out from other long-distance moving companies is our dedication to taking care of our customers.

That is why when you choose Suddath to move you to a new city, state, or country, our first step is to assign a move coordinator to you. This coordinator will be a single point of contact for you during the entire moving process.

Suddath move coordinators make it their business to arrange all of the steps in a long-distance move. This way, you can focus on saying goodbye to your current home and find excitement in saying hello to your new home. You don’t need to worry that any steps will be forgotten. You won’t have to wonder if you’ve thought of everything that needs to be planned. Your move coordinator knows exactly what steps to take and when to take them.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. How does Suddath make sure all of my items are safe during the long-distance moving process?

From the first location to your new home, Suddath uses high-quality floor protection and door jamb protection. This way, we carefully avoid scratching floors and doorways. We also pad and unpad all of your furniture in and outside of the home during the loading and delivery process.

While most moving companies rely solely on physical tracking methods, we take it a step further. Our technology provides GPS location services by way of our drivers’ electronic logging device. This way, we know exactly where your items are at all times.

For customers who use our storage facilities, we use a state-of-the-art warehouse management system to allow us to scan every item as it arrives at the warehouse. With this technology, we know the location of your belongings, in real-time. This technology even includes a client portal for you to access online and see your inventory’s location in real-time.

2. How do you select and hire your San Jose employees? Do you contract work out?

Every Suddath driver is interstate qualified. They must complete the same qualification process for local and long-distance moves. We also enforce strict compliance with safety by putting all of our drivers through an in-depth background checking process. This process includes drug screening, criminal records, and driving records.

All Suddath team members who enter a customer’s home are required to display their crew ID number. This number indicates that they’ve completed our intense screening process and have been fully compliant with our safety processes. While some van operators may be contractors, they will have completed and passed the same background screening and safety training as our salaried employees. The van operators who are contractors are indistinguishable from our salaried employees, and function as small businesses. Often, we have worked with these drivers for decades.

3. When should I start the moving process?

Starting as early as possible is usually best. Ideally, this would happen no later than two months before your desired move date.

If you have less time than that before you need to move, don’t worry. Suddath has been serving as long-distance movers in San Jose for 18 years. No matter how short your timeline is, we can help you get it done on time.

We have created a detailed moving checklist to help you decide what tasks you should be completing and when. When you begin working with your dedicated move coordinator, they will customize a timeline and checklist for your unique moving needs.

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