San Jose Moving Guide

Moving to San Jose, CA? Here's a Complete Guide to your Move

San Jose, California, is known as the city that houses some of the world's largest tech giants. The city was officially founded in November of 1777, but it wasn't until 1849 that San Jose became a part of the United States during the Conquest of California. Ever since then, the city has seen a great increase in population that was quickly followed by a huge tech boom in the late 20th-century. Many famous tech founders, such as Steve Jobs, called San Jose home.

Using this guide, you too can explore all that San Jose living has to offer.


  • "Capital of Silicon Valley." San Jose was dubbed with this name thanks to it housing several tech startups and tech giants.

Populations Stats

About 1.04 million people reside in San Jose, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

San Jose Attractions, Parks and Landmarks

You can find much to do in San Jose with its wide selection of attractions, parks and landmarks. Here are a few of the many attractions worth visiting in the city:


Colleges and Universities

San Jose has many colleges and universities residents can attend to pursue a post-secondary education, including:


Sports Teams

You can catch sporting events in San Jose, such as soccer and football. San Jose has also hosted FIFA soccer events. The city offers major sports teams, including:


San Jose Neighborhoods and Districts

San Jose is home to several different types of urban and suburban communities. Some popular San Jose neighborhoods include:

  • Alviso
  • North San Jose
  • Mayfair
  • Japantown
  • Downtown
  • Willow Glen
  • Little Italy
  • Almaden Valley
  • Little Saigon
  • South San Jose
  • Santana Row


If you're looking for the next-generation of great food and drinks, then San Jose has a wide selection of restaurants worth exploring. The city has many types of restaurants with near-perfect reviews that feature a wide selection of cuisines, from BBQ-style cooking all the way to Italian cuisine. Here are a few of the best places to try in the city:

Here are some lists from popular review websites of the restaurants for San Jose:



In the city, you have several nightlife and entertainment options. Haberdasher is a notable option for nighttime entertainment where you can experience a unique bar setting with its below-ground location. The bar also offers a wide selection of cocktails. You can also catch its staff donning 1920s attire to complement the decor of the bar. Another great option is 55 South where you can experience live entertainment and a great atmosphere to hang out with friends.


San Jose shoppers can expect nothing but the best with the wide variety of malls to cater to their shopping needs. Westfield Valley Fair offers shoppers an indoor shopping experience but gives the illusion that you are outside, with its spacious sitting area and amazing design. Those looking for an outdoor mall and place to eat can also go to Westfield Oakridge.


San Jose offers several school options, including private and public schools. You can use the San Jose Public School locator tool to find assigned schools based on your home address.

Major Cities

The amazing thing about San Jose is that it's close to other big-name California cities. With a short drive for a weekend getaway, you can easily get to San FranciscoSacramento and Palo Alto.

Important City Links

Esri. Find stats on San Jose, CA based on your ZIP code.

DMV/Licenses. Get your California state ID or driver's license at the local State of California Department of Motor Vehicles office. You can find the closest San Jose DMV location based on your address by using the location map.

Voting Locations. Use the County of Santa Clara Elections website to find where you are assigned to vote.

Hurricane and Emergency Shelters. The county of Santa Clara offers a slew of shelters that residents can use. You can use the county's website to locate the shelter should the need arise.

Evacuation Maps for Natural Disasters. Use the emergency management website at to find out where to go and what you should have prepared.

Utilities Companies. San Jose has one power and light utility company with Pacific Gas and Electric Company. San Jose residents can also get water and sewage service from the city.

Trash/ Recycling Services. San Jose residents can get trash pickup and recycling services from the city.

Cable and Internet Providers



Median Home Prices. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Jose homes have a median value of $658,000.

Average Income. San Jose households have a median household income of $90,303.

Largest Employers. Some of the largest employers in San Jose include Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., eBay Inc. and NASA.

Metropolitan Map. Use this Metro Map to find your way around the city of San Jose.

National Parks. San Jose doesn't have any national parks located in the area, but just over 20 miles away, residents can visit Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, which has trees standing up to 285 feet tall.

Clubs. Residents can take advantage of local Boys & Girls Club and YMCA chapters in the city, including the YMCA of Silicon Valley and the Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley.

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