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Portland's Leader in Moving, Storage and Logistics 

Suddath® has been a trusted moving, storage and logistics provider in the Portland area for nearly 100 years, providing residential moves, commercial moving and storage, corporate employee relocation and global warehousing and logistics services. We take care of our customers by providing a broad range of high-quality services, flexible to your needs, and supported with personalized customer service and full transparency to cost and schedule.


Residential moving and storage in Portland, Oregon 

Whether you and your family are moving locally in Portland, long distance or internationally, you can count on Suddath to deliver a high-quality move – with less hassle, and often for less money than our local competitors. Our highly experienced team is trained and background-checked to ensure high-quality and reliable packing, moving and storage services from start-to-finish. Contact us or request a moving quote; we'll walk you through the entire process so you can decide what works best for you.

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Corporate employee relocation in the Portland area 

Portland businesses, both large and small, choose Suddath as their preferred employee relocation company. Our experienced move coordinators and professional crews take care of your employees every step of the way, treating relocating families and their belonging as if they were their own.

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Commercial moving and workplace solutions

Suddath helps some of the world’s largest companies move quickly and efficiently. Our Workplace Solutions specialists are International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)-certified and provide high-quality commercial moving and storage services that save you time and money. Your business continuity is always our top priority. That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique needs and requirements, and offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond just moving and storage – including space planning, hospitality logistics and commercial office furniture.

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Global logistics and warehousing

Suddath partners with you for all your end-to-end supply chain management needs. We specialize in contract logistics services, FF&E warehousing and distribution for the restaurant and retail industry, and global freight forwarding and domestic ground transportation. We customize and personalize our services for each customer and act as an extension of your business. Most importantly, we can adapt and respond quickly to changes without sacrificing the stability and reliability of your supply chain.

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Vince Rosauer

President & General Manager

Vince is President and General Manager for the Suddath Portland area operations. He wants to be known for being innovative, relational and as a strong leader who takes care of his staff and clients.

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FAQs by Vince Rosauer

1.Do I need valuation coverage?

I would say yes. Typically, it is a good idea to get some extra coverage on the items that you're moving, especially if they are high-value or expensive. 

You are automatically covered for $0.60 per lb., which may not be enough if you have higher value items. For example, if something happens to be a 10-lb. lamp, you’re only going to get $6 for that lamp, regardless of its actual replacement cost. 

2.Can Suddath move my car?

Absolutely we can move your car. We have several different types of moving services available whether your car is a normal run-of-the-mill car, a classic car or a high-end car. For instance, we do have a covered car carrier, and then for the normal transports we do have the open-air auto carriers.

3.What is a common issue for moving in Portland and how do you deal with it?

There are a lot of moving companies out there, and some are not reputable. You must be very careful of companies that are not licensed or bonded to handle your items. Poor quality of labor is another issue that is common, and you put your items at risk if you do not do your due diligence beforehand. 

Before hiring Portland movers, check references, reviews and that they have the proper insurance and licenses. A good way to do this is by verifying the business with the Better Business Bureau, or with the Department of Transportation. Suddath also provides a list of tips

4.I’m looking to move internationally. Can Suddath help?

Absolutely, we do a lot of international moves for some very recognizable companies, as well as independent international moves. We have certified estimators that can come out and give you a binding bid to move your items from here to anywhere in the world. 

We have very experienced crews that know how to load lift-vans and overseas containers. We also have certified packers and laborers to handle international shipments. 

5.What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

It starts with the crews that are loading these items, and their training and experience. Suddath has a very thorough training program called ‘Suddath University’ that all of our employees go through, which covers the proper ways to pack a shipment into boxes and loading it into the moving truck. 

The home protection that we use at origin and destination, which includes floor protection, wrapping and padding, is all something that is a Suddath standard throughout the company.

6.What differentiates Suddath movers from its competitors in Portland?

Our experience is really second-to-none in the Portland market. We are also the largest moving company in the state of Oregon. We have three facilities surrounding the Portland metropolitan area, and our experience and tenure is probably better than anyone in town. We have many employees that have been with us close to 10 years or more. 

The training that we do is unmatched, not just in Portland, but in the industry. Suddath University is something that our operations managers, dispatchers and general managers go through, ensuring quality, efficiency and safety. 

7.How do you select and hire your employees? Do you use your own people, or do you contract some work out?

As a local moving company in Portland, we are unique in that we have a very good mix of employees and contractor-employees. All our contractors work exclusively for us, and many have done so for years. The only difference is in the way we pay them, but they have to adhere to the exact same standards that anyone we employ directly does. They also must have the same amount of coverage, be licensed and bonded just like a Suddath employee would be. But we do have a mix of both. 

8.Moving can be stressful. What can you do to make it easier and simpler for me?

We take great pride in providing you with a great experience from start to finish. One thing we do provide is a designated customer service person, your move coordinator, that will hold your hand from the start of booking the survey through to the end of delivery. 

They will check on you throughout the process to help you through the very difficult and stressful process of moving. They'll answer any questions along the way. You'll also notice that when your surveyor comes out, the experience and attention to detail that they will have will give you a feeling of comfort. But that start to finish guidance is what we take great pride in. 

9.Do you have an executive move service offering?

We absolutely do. We actually have a dedicated executive move coordinator who will visit your home for the original walkthrough, and then on move day, will supervise throughout the moving process to make sure everything goes well. She is a 20-year veteran of the industry and has been a part of many large executive and C-level moves throughout the United States for many years.

10.Can you offer climate-controlled storage options?

We do happen to have a climate-controlled section of our warehouse, which is unique to Portland. Oregon typically does not require a climate-controlled atmosphere because we are a moderate climate. However, there have been some high-end customers that have asked for this type of service, and we are able to provide it to them. 

11.Do you offer any discard and donation programs?

Yes we do. Our recycle, liquidation and donation program is very strong. We don't just do it for our household goods, but we more often do it for our large commercial accounts.

Suddath has a very green program here in Portland that allows our customers to work through us to make sure that as little as possible winds up in a landfill, and we do donation and liquidation and recycle programs for some of the largest companies in Portland. We even have a way to certify anything that does get reused, so our customers can acquire green points.

12.Why would I use Suddath for Global Logistics?

Our experience and our knowledge of that industry is really unmatched, and our support system throughout the country, with having a division that just handles logistics, is another thing that is unique to Suddath. 

Right now, for instance, we are working with Suddath Global Logistics to bring a new customer into our warehouses that is more of a palletized distribution type of customer, and we also work with several other types of logistics customers. We’re able to adjust well to any logistics project or unique requirements. 

13.What commercial moving services do you offer and what commercial environments do you specialize in?

Our branch here in Oregon is very unique, and I would say complex. Our complexity of commercial customers is unmatched in this market and potentially throughout the country. 

We have program work which is called MAC, which stands for moves, adds, changes, and we are on business campuses every day for some of the largest companies in town. We have anywhere from 150 to 200 people doing commercial moving on a day-to-day basis, and we also provide specialized services like ergonomics assessments, planning, and support, which is an on-campus strategic planner who works organizing upcoming moves. 

We're dealing with corporations that are essentially like cities, and we are helping them with the everyday changes of that city, including installation services. We have in-house installers that do cubicles for many different brands of furniture, including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Kimball, Teknion and several others. We do not sub-contract out that type of work. We actually have certified installers for many of the different brands, but we are also able to offer people from a dock manager, to planning support, to a project coordinator, and many other services that we offer.

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