Trusted Office Mover: How Suddath Supports a Hybrid Work Model

A hybrid workplace can be defined as one where some employees work in an office setting while others work remotely—or it could mean that individual employees divide their time between a corporate and a remote office. No matter the specifics, the hybrid workplace model has been growing in popularity with COVID initially driving the momentum forward in significant ways. This business model benefits and can be appreciated by employers and employees alike, allowing companies to hire the best employees for the job, regardless of geography, while giving employees the flexibility they desire.

In hybrid structures, employers can mix and match multiple workstyles. These include having all employees attend meetings in person or using online meeting and collaboration tools so that employees can participate from wherever they are, and everything in between. As another possibility, employees working in remote locations may work asynchronously, turning in work without actively collaborating with onsite employees.

As workplace structures evolve and technologies continue to advance, companies can respond in numerous ways. Some companies, for example, may decide to move their offices to a new location. This often happens when, because of either a hybrid or remote office option for employees, employers are finding themselves with more space and workstations than they now need. Conversely, fewer people might have chosen to work in a remote office situation than expected, which can mean that several people are sharing a workstation and more space is needed. This can be accomplished by a physical move or by having current space needs reorganized for maximum usage.

No matter what your specific needs are, Suddath has the experience to seamlessly guide your workplace transition. That’s because we leverage both our experience and our modern technology to provide unsurpassed services. These services can begin with an office assessment where we gather crucial data before helping you to plan and execute transitional services in highly efficient and cost-effective ways. Here’s more about specific ways in which we can help.

Comprehensive Inventory, Space, and Occupancy Info

Your company can benefit from Tracker Occupancy, our proprietary technology, to gain transparent visibility into current statuses for optimal planning. This can include documenting the number of workstations at a particular location, what furniture and equipment is available at each one, and what upgrades need to be made before a workstation can be occupied again. You can then have instant access to customized reporting—from workstation statuses to digital photos—that allows you to digitally manage office adjustments and optimizations in streamlined ways. By using the interactive features of Tracker Occupancy, you’ll gain more control over compliance issues while reducing corporate levels of risk.

Warehousing and Temporary Storage Services

If a remote office or hybrid workplace structure causes you to have extra equipment or inventory, your company can benefit from our warehousing and temporary storage services. Suddath has a national reach, which means that we can support multiple locations of yours around the United States as we provide short-term storage to support business continuity. Plus, you’ll have clear visibility into your inventory through our digital warehouse management system.

Office Moving Services

When furniture, computers, and other equipment needs to be relocated, our office movers can simplify the entire process: from pre-move prep to space reconfigurations, and much more. Our office moving company will then systematically and consistently relocate workstations, as needed, in as many locations as required.

During pre-move planning, we’ll use results of our assessments to create a relocation plan, calculating space required and determining the optimal layouts. As part of our office moving services, we can disassemble furniture, pack it, and then clean, repair, reconfigure, and adjust, as needed, before relocating and reassembling everything in the appropriate locations. We’ll inventory IT equipment, as well, and then disconnect, relocate, and reconnect everything in the proper workstations and locations.

Safer Workplace Configurations

For employees working full time in the office and for those dividing their time between corporate and remote office settings, it’s crucial to create safer environments. This can involve:

  • Removing tables and chairs for more effective social distancing
  • Signage, floor markers, and defined one-way traffic flow in aisles and hallways
  • Dividers, partitions, panels, and screens for added protection
  • Individual workspaces

Here is a hybrid workplace case study where our office moving company helped a leading social media company make a permanent shift to a hybrid model after a year of remote office work. As part of this, employees in corporate offices would no longer have a designated desk. Instead, they would check out a desk upon arrival, which meant that personal belongings needed to be taken off site.

Suddath Office Movers Provide Customized Solutions

No two companies have the same needs and, as circumstances evolve in the United States and world, this will change what companies will require. Suddath provides nimble solutions, quickly adapting as needs morph. Learn more about out hybrid workplace solutions, or download our free hybrid workplace roadmap to see how you can better optimize your workplace.