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Minneapolis’ Best for Moving, Storage and Logistics

Operating as a local moving company in the area since 1901, the local Minneapolis branch of Suddath® has become the city’s best choice for experienced, courteous and high-quality service. A family moving company, we have expanded our services globally in the past hundred years to become an industry leader in local and long-distance moving, storage and logistics. We proudly move people, business and products around the world with care, expertise and flexibility.
Our employees and crews are committed to giving customers the highest level of care. Suddath has a stellar reputation with customers across the board because of our dedication to quality, safety and customer service. We offer a flexible range of options to suit every person, business and product.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.



Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

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Trusted for Minneapolis Moving and Storage

You can trust Suddath to get you moving in the right direction, whether you’re moving locally in the Twin Cities, long distance across or outside of Minnesota, or even around the world.

We know it’s important to find the best local moving company for your needs. That’s why we work hard to give our client’s flexible moving options that work for their budget, schedule and packing requirements.

Suddath offers assistance at every stage of your move – even before you sell your current home. We provide a declutter program that helps you downsize your items to stage your home properly to sell. Once you’re ready to move, we offer three tiers of packing services, all the way from a full-service pack to simply picking up and moving what you’ve already packed yourself. Suddath also works hand-in-hand with Move For Hunger, so while you’re moving, our crews will help you get your unwanted non-perishable goods to the local food pantry.

At every stage, we want to put your mind at ease. Our team is local to Minneapolis and we can prepare for all the challenges of moving in the area. Our crews are fully trained in our industry-leading Suddath University program, as well as going through a comprehensive drug-test and background check.

Contact us at no obligation to request an in-person moving quote or you can schedule a virtual walkthrough using your smartphone if that is more convenient. Our experts can help you make the right choice for your move.

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corporate relocation management consultant discussing employee moves

Customizable Global Relocation Programs out of Minneapolis

Serving some of Minneapolis’ most prominent corporations, Suddath is proud to be the employee relocation company of choice for companies of all sizes in the Twin Cities. Our experienced move coordinators take care of every detail of your transferee’s move and serve as a single point of contact to ensure a smooth transition. We navigate your employees through every step of the transferring process while our professional crews take care of the smallest details.

We do everything possible to make the transferring process smooth for both you and your transferee. With our high-quality and experienced service, your best asset will be ready to be immediately effective in their new location.

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Minneapolis office mover on computer

Minneapolis’s Leader in Office and Commercial Moving

Some of the world’s largest and most complex companies trust a commercial moving company like Suddath to move them quickly and efficiently. Not only will you get the benefit of that experience, but our office relocation services are comprehensive so that we can save you both time and money. Our office movers in Minneapolis go beyond just high-quality commercial moving and storage and will create a unique moving plan that can include services like space and furniture planning, decommissioning and vacated space services and ongoing program solutions (MAC work). 

Through every step of the process, your business continuity will remain top of mind. Our tailored solutions are optimized towards the unique way you operate, down to the team level.

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warehouse workers on laptop at third party warehouse

Your Local Partner in Global Logistics and Warehousing

Suddath Global Logistics is a true partner for all your end-to-end supply chain management needs. Our experience and services allow us to make a significant impact, while our integration into your current culture eases the burden of managing just another vendor. We truly function as an extension of your team so that we can get today’s job done but can also be scalable and flexible for your future growth needs.

Suddath specializes in contract logistics services, FF&E warehousing and distribution for the restaurant and retail industry, hospitality logistics, and global freight forwarding and domestic ground transportation. Because of our experience, dedication and team integration, we’re able to react to change quickly without sacrificing supply chain stability.

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Dave Kordonowy

Vice President & General Manager

Dave Kordonowy is Vice President and General Manager for Minneapolis-St. Paul area operations for Suddath. His team earns top marks safety and quality service, and has won several Van Line awards.

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Minneapolis Moving FAQ's by Dave Kordonowy

1. What is a common issue for moving in Minneapolis and how do you deal with it?

A common issue specific to us in Minnesota is for at least four months out of the year, it's winter time, and that can be a complication. With regards to snow and ice, we ask that before the crew arrives there be a clear path to the house from the driveway or from the street that the crew can use. Also, we ask our customers to salt those pathways for the safety of the crew.

In turn, for all of our moves, we will put down rug runners which the crew will walk on when in the house. We use carpet shields, and also door jamb protectors to mitigate any damage to your home. 

2. What if you break something? How do I submit a claim?

It’s unlikely, but if something is damaged during the move, you would document it at the time, and tell your Minneapolis move coordinator. They will send out a claim form to you, and you have 90 days to file that claim. It will ask for the tag lot and the tag number, so the little tags that the driver puts on your goods is important. You identify the piece with that information.

You identify what's broken, and there will also be a column for the value. You can estimate the value and the coordinator will help you get that back to us. Depending on the size of the claim, we may have an adjuster come out to your home and look at the goods and work out a solution with you. That's pretty much the process. You don't have to worry about it till the end of the move and then the claim process itself is initiated through your coordinator. 

3. What are my different options for a moving estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

Well, we can do it a couple different ways, depending on your preference. First of all, you can do an in-home survey, where we will send a move coordinator to your house to give you an estimate. We can also do a virtual walkthrough, where you can use your smartphone or tablet to virtually walk us through your home.

From there, we can supply you with a fixed price based on our estimation of the weight of what we’re moving. Or the traditional way is that you pay for the actual weight, whatever that is, and we won't know that until your goods are loaded on the truck and weighed.

If you're somebody that wants to know ahead of time exactly what the move's going to cost, I suggest that you go with the fixed weight bid.

4. Do you do a lot of international moves?

We do. Suddath has a very large international moving division that specializes in it so that's right up our alley. We have a dedicated international department that uses a strong network of partners all over the world, which gives us the ability to move someone wherever they need to go.

5. What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

Well, all of our movers are professional, background checked and have been thoroughly trained at our own training facility in Jacksonville, FL called ‘Suddath University.

For equipment, we carry about 200 pads on a trailer. The drivers have plenty of straps to make sure that things are wrapped up well, and strapped off securely in the truck. All of our trucks and trailers, all of our equipment in fact, is thoroughly inspected every six months. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requirement is every 12 months, so we actually inspect our equipment more than the DOT mandates to be absolutely sure that it's all safe and in top shape.

6. What differentiates Suddath from its competitors in Minneapolis?

Suddath is part of United Van Lines, the largest household goods van line, which has the biggest network of agents in the country. That allows our drivers to have access to warehouses and to qualified labor wherever our customers may be moving. That network of qualified and vetted agencies is something that most moving companies cannot offer.

Also, we've been operating as a moving company in this area since 1901. It hasn't always been the Suddath brand - Suddath purchased us in 2011 - but before that we were Barrett Moving and Storage. Barrett's been operating since 1901 in the Minneapolis area. Suddath also brings a long history with it, and we’re celebrating our 100th anniversary.

7. How do you select and hire your employees? Do you use contract workers?

In Minneapolis, we're about a 50/50 split – 50% of my crew are employees and 50% are contractors. I will say that our contractors work exclusively for us. They're not working for any other company. We keep them busy all year long.

They've been with us, in all cases, for years. Several of them have been here 15 years or longer but we're about a 50/50 mix.

One of our contractors, Chris Cartwright, is actually the United Van Operator of the Year. I’ve known Chris for longer than I care to remember. He grew up in the business with his brother, helping their dad, who was also a driver. 

8. Moving can be stressful. What can you do to make it easier and simpler for me?

We'll send the best crews out that we possibly can. I guarantee that they'll be nice and polite and professional and know exactly what to do. Hopefully that takes some of the pressure off you, because we do this all the time, and it’s our job to support you during this transition.

9. What advice or moving tips can you provide for selecting a mover / preparing for my Minneapolis move?

What I always tell someone when I’m asked is to get started early and to be organized. Don't leave everything to the last second. If you’re thinking about getting rid of things, get rid of them early so you’re not packing things you don’t actually want.

Organize all your boxes in the house so that they’re labeled with where they’re going, so that when the crew arrives, they're ready to go and there are no delays. If there is anything you want to take with you, like medication or children’s toys, make sure those things are set aside in a designated area. 

10. Can my possessions be stored with Suddath?

Certainly, your goods can be stored with us. If it's in conjunction with an interstate move, it will be held in what we call "storage in transit" or SIT. If you're just moving locally, it will be put into what we call "permanent storage." Either way, we can handle it for you. If it's done on SIT, it's handled through the provisions of the long-distance bill of lading. If it's done on permanent storage, it's just a contract between you and our local Suddath agency.

Our Minneapolis warehouse is heated, and all of your goods are well protected from the elements. It stays a moderate temperature all year round.

11. Do you offer any discard and donation programs?

Suddath works hand-in-hand with Move For Hunger so if you have unwanted canned goods or dry goods that are non-perishable, we can take those from you and we donate those to the local food shelf through Move For Hunger.

12. What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

We have some of the best safety scores in the United Van Lines group. We've won many safety awards over the years, and we are extremely proud of that.

We do background checks on all our labor. The guys and gals who could be in your residence are thoroughly background checked and they have to undergo those checks every two years. We have extensive training, both at the van line level and at the agency level through Suddath University. We train all our personnel in best practices, and we're very picky about the employees and contractors that we hire. We are a career destination in the industry, so we attract great people, and then they stay with us. 

13. Do you offer a declutter program to temporarily store items?

We do offer a declutter program that's a special price per storage container and it's based on the number of containers you need. Our containers (aka ‘vaults’) are 5x7x7 foot-tall wooden crates. We'll bring the vaults out to your Minneapolis residence with the appropriate man power and load them up. It’s useful for you to get things out of your home while your house is on the market, so you’re able to sell it faster and for potentially more money. Then, once your home sells, we'd love to have the opportunity to move you.

14. What commercial moving services do you offer?

Commercial moving is a big part of what we do. We have three full-time sales people here to help manage these commercial projects, and manage our services. We have crews that do nothing but commercial moving and we pride ourselves on doing a great job. We also have long-term customers that have in-house Suddath people at their facility every day, every work day of the year, providing moving services to them and warehousing services to them also. So, we do a lot of commercial office moving and we do a good job at it.

15. What types of commercial environments do you specialize in?

We do a lot of tradeshow business, and we have a history of moving special products both interstate and local. No matter what it is though, working with Suddath for commercial projects is a one-stop-shop. We have the experienced staff, equipment and services to handle any commercial service or unique need. Suddath is well-versed in FF&E projects, hospitality, third-party logistics and MAC projects. We work in the offices of Fortune 500 companies with corporate campuses down to small offices, healthcare and medical buildings.

To support our offerings, we have experienced project managers, storage, inventory and asset management, furniture installation, space planning and world-wide shipping. We can decommission your old furniture, and supply you with all of the new furniture you’ll need.

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