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Moving to a new office isn’t the only way businesses grow. Some organizations stay rooted geographically, but change constantly on the inside. Departments merge and expand which require employees and equipment to make internal moves at one location and between satellite offices, or require moves at many locations across the country and around the world simultaneously. To help you and your business manage these complex internal changes, Suddath® has developed unique teams, systems and capabilities to support your strategic real estate and business priorities. 

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Supporting strategic long-term change

Supporting a large real estate portfolio is dramatically different than supporting a one-time move. As your long-term program services partner, we become an embedded part of your change management team and can take on as many roles as needed to support your real estate and business needs. Our program solutions include ongoing space, furniture and move planning, office furniture products, commercial moving and storage and vacated space services.

Our work in motion

Below we have listed a few examples of how we are currently providing ongoing program solutions to major clients in distinct critical environments.

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment and Research Center located in Houston, TX.

  • 8 full patient-care floors relocated last year
  • 45 full labs relocated on the main campus annually
  • Received, stored, delivered and installed FF&E for eight story OR center
  • 50 embedded Suddath support staff

Multinational Technology Development and Manufacturing Corporation located in Redmond, WA.

  • 30,000 employees relocated
  • 1,300 data center moves annually (25 per week)
  • 100 embedded Suddath support staff

Day-to-day needs: moves, adds and changes (MAC)

Change doesn’t always happen in bold, dramatic moves. Through MAC work we act as an extension of your facilities department—serving on-site to complete daily move, add and change tasks.

Our MAC work includes:

  • Small moves
  • Furniture repairs and adjustments
  • Setting up meeting rooms
  • Special events
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment storage and delivery
  • Preparing spaces for new hires
  • General facility related activities
  • On-site facility request coordination

Depending on your business, your real estate portfolio and your size, you may need MAC services at one location or you may need embedded MAC support at all of your offices around the world. Either way, we have the expertise, size and strength to manage services in each scenario.  

A new way of looking at ongoing requests

Our proprietary technology is changing the way workplace moves, furniture and facilities related support is delivered and we are setting the innovation curve for our industry. Our secure, web-based system allows clients to initiate and track their orders and receive automatic, real-time updates throughout the service delivery process. This system also provides customizable reporting to help our clients’ measure and manage activity and cost. Additionally, we are the only company in the industry that digitally tracks inventory and move status during commercial project moves – our clients can literally watch their custom dashboard move from 0% to 100% complete. The icing on the cake is that our technology plugs into any enterprise platform and does not require clients to make big hardware or software investments. Ultimately, our technology streamlines the request and delivery process—helping you stay ahead of change.
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Meet your Team

Adrienne Mercado
Program Manager

Motivated by teamwork and shared success, Adrienne works on-site helping customers with ongoing facility support services that adapt furniture and space planning to the unique flow of their businesses and the pace of change.

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