Relocating Corporate Offices

Relocating an office involves moving your employees’ sensitive documents, furniture, technology and business critical property. All of these elements are extremely important to the success of your business and we understand our role in minimizing the impact of the move on your business. Our deep experience as a high-level planning organization and a world-class national moving and storage company gives us a unique ability to support the critical office environments we relocate.

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We learn your business to relocate your business

We understand how crucial maintaining business operations is to your success. Our experience has taught us to ask questions, listen to your needs to fully understand your business, and craft a solution that addresses the unique challenges of your business operation.

Communication is the glue that keeps an office move together

We recognize the importance of crafting a communications plan for your office move. Our plan approaches things from a business and employee perspective with positive messaging designed to help your employees understand and prepare for the move.

We recognize that employees are your greatest asset and how your employees are supported and treated throughout the move process is pivotal to your business.

Technology is the lifeblood of your business

Every office relocation includes complex technology relocation planning and when it’s time to carry out the move, nothing is more critical to your business operations than ensuring a precise, well-managed IT relocation process. We know how crucial our role is in relocating your mission-critical technology assets.    

Office furniture is the foundation used to create your new office environment

The design, functionality and quality of your furniture is imperative to the happiness and productivity of your employees in the new space. From the highest level planning, all the way through making sure that delivery and installation is carried out, and right down to the details of making sure each employee has a key for their file cabinet, we understand the essential role furniture plays in an office relocation.

Protecting confidential information is critical

Office relocation involves moving files and equipment containing social security numbers, banking information, health records and other sensitive information. We understand that although most companies have good security standards during normal business operations, oversights can occur during an office move and some of these standards may lapse. We recognize our role is to work as an extension of your business to ensure that strict controls are in place so all confidential information is secure.  

Being a good neighbor is important

We fully understand our responsibility to treat your buildings and neighbors with respect and to ensure there isn’t any disruption to their businesses. We carefully coordinate schedules with property management and meticulously protect the floors, walls and elevators of your building to ensure there is no damage or disruption to neighboring business operations.     

Services provided in critical office environments:

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Steve Allen

Project Manager

By making sure teams are up and running at their new desks on day one, Steve successfully leads large-scale business moves resulting in little or no downtime and continued productivity. 

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