Who Do You Need to Notify When You Move?

“Getting in touch with a mover is a top priority if you’re planning to relocate, but they should be far from the only name on your contact list. Notifying the right people, companies and institutions well before your moving day is an important part of ensuring more than just your household goods arrive at destination.

Make sure the mail makes it to your new house

Completing the Change of Address form allows the post office to forward your mail to your new address. This form can be downloaded by visiting Once you begin receiving forwarded mail, be sure to check the box on the correspondence that informs the business that your address has changed, then supply them with the new address. To be certain that you don’t miss any important pieces of mail like bills or doctor notifications, it’s best to do this a couple of months before you move.

Update your bank and employer or it may cost you

Inform your bank, credit union and employer of your new address. This ensures that your payroll information matches your new address for seamless direct deposit with your bank, as well as accurate info on any 401(k), pension or profit-sharing plans.

If you leave any accounts open at your bank, such as a savings account, money market fund or certificate of deposit, the institution will be able to send you statements as well. Putting off notifying these institutions can be costly. If you aren’t receiving statements, it’s easy to forget about open accounts altogether, and you certainly don’t want to lose any of your hard-earned money. Also, contact any credit card companies where you have an account to make sure you receive those statements.

Utility companies

Make sure to notify your utility company, cable, telephone and internet providers of your change of address. If you are moving locally, you may be able to transfer service to your new address relatively easily. If not, it’s essential that you notify your former providers to ensure that you can pay any remaining fees that you owe or receive any credit owed you in a timely manner.

Insurance companies

Notify your life, health, vision, dental, automobile and homeowners/renters insurance companies of your relocation. If you are changing companies, this is imperative so that you and your family members will still be covered or notified when the policy ends.


Notify your children’s schools of your new address. Even if the moving company transports your belongings to another state during winter break or the summer months, it’s important that schools know your correct address. They can forward your child’s final report card or supply you with transcript copies when necessary. Also, don’t forget to notify your former alma mater(s). Often, they mail out notifications of events and reunions, and you don’t want to miss out on those.

Pet care

Contact your pet’s veterinarian and any kennels you have used in the past. They often send out reminders that vaccinations are due. Do this when you’re still evaluating moving companies and know your new address.


Contact everyone who provides you and your family members with a paid service. These people might include your child’s music instructor, a babysitter, pediatrician, landscaping service, and others. You don’t want to let unpaid bills affect your credit in the future simply because you relocated to a new city, got busy and forgot them.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the best moving companies can ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new home, but it’s up to you to make sure your important mail comes along, too.