When Is the Best Time for Your Local Fort Lauderdale Move?

Two decisions can make your local move easier: Choosing the right time to move and working with the best Fort Lauderdale local movers. This can help cut down on the stress of a move and help you transition smoothly into your new home. 

When choosing a good time for your local Fort Lauderdale move, consider your specific circumstances, such as:

  • Your budget for the move
  • Whether you have school-age children
  • Whether you can handle moving during the hot and humid summer season
  • Whether you can take time off work for your move 

Sometimes, the need to move arises suddenly, such as when you have to leave rented accommodation or move on the specified closing date of your property. This can leave you without much choice as to when you can move. 

Whether you are able to pick a good time for your move or have to move on a certain date, an experienced Fort Lauderdale moving company can be by your side every step of the way and minimize the stress of moving. Suddath has more than a century of residential moving experience—call us for a free moving quote now at (954) 840-8666. 

The Best Time of Year to Schedule Moving Companies in Fort Lauderdale

While there is no one-size-fits-all or best time of year when it comes to moving, you may want to consider some factors before deciding on when to move. The best time to move will depend on your individual situation, such as when your family’s needs and work schedule come into consideration. 

The weather can play a role when deciding when to move in Fort Lauderdale. Generally, moving during the cooler months can be a good idea as you typically do not have to deal with heat, humidity, and frequent rain showers. Also, because summer is considered “peak” moving season since kids are out of school, and the real estate market heats up.

If you are moving during the summer, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible, even if you don’t have an exact date yet. Vet a qualified moving company, and that company can help you decide on the best day for moving. During the summer season when it’s so busy, moving on a weekend or at the end of the month may cost more (due to demand) than moving during the week. These are considerations a professional moving company can help you weigh.

Is There a Cheaper Time of Year for Moving?

Considering the summertime is prime time for family moves, you could potentially cut costs by moving during a slower time such as winter, spring or fall. Demand for moving companies in Fort Lauderdale can slow a little during that time, and rates may be a bit lower.  

No matter what time of the year you consider moving, it can be hard to predict how busy movers in Fort Lauderdale will be. Make sure to plan your local move well in advance and schedule the services of a local Fort Lauderdale moving company as far ahead as you possibly can. 

Which Week in the Month is the Best for Moving?

Most leases terminate at the end of the month and begin on the first of the month, so moving around the last few days or the first few days of a month can get busy, so you also may wish to avoid that brief time period. If you have flexibility, consider planning your move for mid-month as demand for moving companies in Fort Lauderdale is generally lower then. 

The Best Day of the Week to Move

Most moving companies are at their busiest on weekends and typically see far less demand during the week. If you can get days off work for your move, picking a weekday (Monday to Thursday) can make your move less stressful and even less expensive. On weekends, when demand is generally high, Fort Lauderdale movers tend to charge more. Consider, too, that moving on a weekday will allow you to concentrate on unpacking and organizing your new home the whole upcoming weekend.  

What Time of Day Should I Schedule Fort Lauderdale Movers? 

Generally, the earlier you schedule your movers, the better. In South Florida, particularly during the warmer months, conditions will be better for moving in the morning. Starting early and scheduling your movers for around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. means you have the whole day for the move and more time available at the end of the day for unpacking and setting yourself up in your new home. This will also allow more time later in the day for dealing with any unexpected issues that may come up.

How to Make Your Local Fort Lauderdale Move Go Smoothly

One excellent way to make your local move as stress-free as possible is by creating a moving plan some weeks or even months ahead of the move. A moving plan should entail:

  • The potential moving date
  • A budget for moving
  • Keeping a moving file with quotes and other important documents 

Other steps you can take for a successful local Fort Lauderdale move include:

Scheduling Moving Quotes

One of the main advantages of planning your move early is that you’ll have ample time to collect quotes from local Fort Lauderdale moving companies. Once you have decided on a date (or even an approximate date), you can contact moving companies for quotes and lock in the best deal. 

Choosing a Local Fort Lauderdale Moving Service

Every moving company offers a different type of service or mix of services. Some offer a hands-off, white-glove service, while with others, you do all of the packing and unpacking by yourself. The sooner you start your research about which company may be best suited to your needs, the better. You can then compare quotes and decide on the one that best meets your needs. Before you commit to a local Fort Lauderdale moving company, however, consider checking online reviews by previous customers.  

Pare Down Your Belongings

With plenty of lead time before your move, you can do some decluttering and dispose of unwanted items before moving. Go through your wardrobe and kitchen closets and determine what you do not want to bring. Ways to rid yourself of unwanted household, furniture, or clothing can include:

  • Asking friends and family if they would like certain items
  • Have a yard or moving sale
  • Donate items to charity

A college student in your family or friends circle moving away from home for the first time may be grateful for that old desk or couch you no longer need. When it comes to moving, you do not want to spend your valuable time and money packing and moving unused or unwanted items. 

Get Boxes and Packing Supplies 

Packing can be a time-consuming chore, especially if you leave it all until the last possible moment. Go easy on yourself by getting your packing supplies and weeks before your local move. Whenever you have some downtime, start by packing items you rarely use, such as books, and leave the essential items until a day or two before the move. Consider packing a small suitcase with your basic necessities, important documents, and any other important items, so you do not have to search for medications or clean clothes in your boxes on the day of your move.

Prepare Your Family

Moving into a new home is not only logistically stressful but can also bring up emotions and anxiety. Children can be particularly affected by a move. You could, for example, prepare “moving gifts” for children with games and activities that keep them busy while you are unpacking and getting your new home ready. 

How Suddath’s Local Fort Lauderdale Movers Can Help

Suddath’s local Fort Lauderdale moving team can make your move go as smoothly as possible. We offer several services that can make your life easier and cut down on moving stress, such as:

Move Coordinators

When you hire us for your move, you will be assigned a move coordinator who will be your point of contact and oversee your move from beginning to end. Your move coordinator will communicate with and manage the moving team and keep you informed at all times. Most importantly, if you have any questions or last-minute changes, your move coordinator will be there to help.

Flexible Storage Services

Moving can be somewhat unpredictable as dates can suddenly change and emergencies happen. If your needs change during a move, and you find yourself having to store some items temporarily in Fort Lauderdale, we can help with a range of storage services. 

Packing and Unpacking Services

Life and work can get in the way when you are moving. Let our Fort Lauderdale full-service packing team do the hard work of packing, moving, and unpacking so you do not have to. We also offer a bespoke white-glove service where our moving team members will handle all aspects of your move, leaving you free to get on with your life.

Suddath offers many other moving services that can make your move smooth and stress-free such as custom crating services, piano moving, free video surveys, free moving quotes, and much more.

Contact Suddath Today

Suddath has been moving customers in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida for almost 70 years. We use the best, safest moving methods, and our team members are extensively trained and vetted, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are always treated with the utmost care and attention. We can customize your move to suit your specific needs and requirements. Contact our Fort Lauderdale local movers today for more information and a free quote at (954) 840-8666.