What is the Most Affordable Way to Move to Jacksonville, FL?

When you’re planning to move in Jacksonville, you’re probably anticipating some of the expenses that come along with it, such as putting down utility deposits and buying packing supplies. To help you save money on your move, Suddath’s expert movers in Jacksonville offer tips and advice on your choices for affordable moving.

DIY Local Moving

A do-it-yourself (DIY) move can be the least expensive option if you have access to free helpers and a free truck. You’ll still want to budget for packing supplies, but you can save on those by scouring online marketplaces, such as Facebook and Craigslist, for inexpensive or even free moving boxes. Also, check local big-box stores and businesses to see if they’ll give you boxes they’re planning to discard.

Other ideas for saving money on a DIY move include:

  • Paring down your belongings before you move: decluttering before you pack up your current home means you’ll need fewer boxes, spend less time on packing, and won’t need as much truck space.
  • Moving smaller boxes and items in your car and using a rented moving truck just for furniture and large items: This can help you save on the gas, mileage, and total rental hours that go into calculating rental truck pricing.
  • Many people choose to hire help when they realize that they may lose more money taking time off of work to spend days packing up their items. Suddath is able to provide professional packing assistance where needed. This means even if you only need help for a day, or for certain rooms, we can come in and expertly pack items.

Moving With Professional Movers in Jacksonville

If you’re short on time or just don’t want the hassles that come with packing, loading, moving, and unloading your household belongings yourself, you have plenty of choices when it comes to moving companies in Jacksonville.

While price is certainly top of mind when you’re shopping around for a moving company, remember that price isn’t the whole story. There are significant differences between movers’ services and quality, especially if you’re considering everything from a two-person team with a truck to a full-service moving company with a nationwide fleet of teams and trucks.

Legitimate, professional movers may cost more, but it’s for a reason – moving companies like Suddath invest in training and background checking crews. They will do their due diligence before your move and operate honorably should anything go awry. Peace-of-mind is worth a lot during a home move. You can also be sure you won’t be charged more on the backend than you anticipated in “surprise” fees.

Here are some tips for gathering the information you need to make an informed decision about hiring a mover:

  • Make sure any company you hire has proper licensing and insurance. These credentials help protect your property and your rights. Also, ask for proof of certification from the American Trucking Association.
  • Take time to look into the moving companies’ reputations. See if friends, family, or colleagues have recently used a moving company and can give you a personal recommendation and read reviews online.
  • Watch for red flags, such as a moving company that doesn’t have a website or physical address. Avoid companies that won’t provide a clear, written estimate or share references from prior customers.
  • Professional moving companies will require a home walkthrough, either virtually or in-person. This is the only way to provide an accurate estimate. It is a red flag if a company doesn’t require one.

How to Save Money When Hiring a Mover

Using professional movers in Jacksonville doesn’t have to break the bank if you look for a company that lets you customize your move with only the services you need.

Some moving companies offer only a full-service option, which means you have to use all of their services, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading. Others, such as Suddath, let you choose the services you want. You can do all of the packing and unpacking, for example, and have our teams take care of the loading and unloading.

Your move coordinator can discuss options with you, but timing of your move can also significantly affect the price. The moving industry works a little bit like the airline industry – meaning that moving on a weekend will cost you more than moving on a Wednesday. If you’re flexible in your timing, it can save quite a bit.

The Best Time to Schedule a Mover in Jacksonville

As discussed, timing of your move is very important when it comes to pricing, so unless it’s the only time you can move, try not to schedule your move during the busy period from late spring through September. This includes around major holidays. If you do need to move then, book your mover three or more months in advance to make sure you have a desirable place on the schedule. This is especially when having flexibility in your moving date can save you money.

For moves during the October to May timeframe, especially if you can move on a weekday instead of a weekend, you may be able to book your move just a few weeks in advance.

How Our Jacksonville Movers Can Help You

At Suddath, we’re all about making your move as easy as possible. In addition to our flexible menu of services that lets you create a customized moving plan, we also offer these benefits:

  • A simple estimating process: In just a few quick steps, you’ll have an easy-to-understand quote on our competitive pricing. We never add hidden costs or fees to your quote.
  • Optional storage services: Whether you need short- or long-term storage in Jacksonville, Suddath has you covered. Use our secure storage to make your move easier, help you declutter, or get ready for home staging.
  • A single point of contact: Throughout your move, you’ll have the services of a dedicated move coordinator who’s always just a quick call away if you have questions or need to make any adjustments to your customized moving plan.
  • Professional crew members: The movers you’re trusting your belongings and property to are well-trained, vetted, and background-checked before they come to your door. Our crews use the safest and most efficient packing and loading techniques to ensure your items are protected.

We also have experienced teams of movers for your specialty moving needs, including piano moving, white glove moving services, and more.

Get a Free Moving Quote from Our Jacksonville Moving Company

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