Long Distance Movers Q&A: Tips for Snowbirds

One of the perks of being in your golden years — or just having the freedom to work remotely or enjoy long stretches of vacation — is that you can live in multiple places throughout the year. If you live in a cooler or cold climate, heading south for the winter is a great idea to soak up warmer temperatures and avoid the snow and ice.

But before you pack up your Hawaiian t-shirt and flip-flops, there are a few things you should consider when hiring long distance movers. Here’s some tips to help you get it done:

1. Sort and organize

Think about what you’ll be taking and leaving behind. Pack up winter sweaters and outerwear to be stored away, and organize warmer weather clothes you want to bring with you. Make a list of items like bikes, golf clubs or other outdoor gear you may want to bring. Use this time as an opportunity to purge unnecessary belongings, and consider what items you may want to donate or sell. By sorting and organizing your items in advance, you can streamline the process before your move, and be able to give an accurate understanding of what is coming with you.

2. Think about uncommon or extra costs

Moving south for the winter can also mean that you’ll have to pay some extra costs that you may not typically pay while in your primary home. Extra costs can include anything from plane tickets to visit the property, entertainment costs (theme parks visits, extra meals eaten out, day trips), as well as landlord or property manager fees which can add in small, but overall significant ways to your expenses when coming down south. Make sure to include these costs when you’re budgeting your move so you’re not overextending yourself.

3. Set up mail and phone services

Just because you’re heading down south for an extended vacation doesn’t mean your mail or phone service is as well. Consider placing your mail on hold with the USPS for your primary address or arrange for it to be forwarded to your winter home address.

You can also set up a call forwarding service to have your home phone calls forwarded to your mobile phone so you don’t miss any important calls while you’re gone.

4. Simplify the process with cross-country movers

Cross-country movers help you simplify the moving process, especially if your winter home is halfway across the country. That’s because you can often leverage the network of fleets and connections across the country. Professional movers also have experience packing and moving items and even cover places you may overlook, such as your basement or garage. That means you won’t have to worry about forgetting important items, or not storing them properly while you’ll be gone. 

It’s a relatively stress-free option that allows you to bring whatever valuables or unique items like wardrobe, golf bags or even your car with you when you head to a warmer climate. Professional movers can assist with any unique items you want to take along for the trip. You also can opt to just ship the items that you need instead of moving everything in your home.

5. Don’t forget important documents

In the excitement of heading to warmer weather, it’s easy to overlook important documents, such as medical records, checkbooks and ID cards. But it’s essential to have these items on-hand for identification purposes and if a special need arises. Pack these items in a special case the day before moving so you don’t forget them while you may be distracted.

Final thoughts

Moving south for the winter is an exciting time, but it’s also important to consider what you need to do before you move. By planning your move in advance with cross-country movers, you can make the moving process down south smooth sailing.

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