6 Storage and Moving Tips for Packing Electronics

When packing devices, cords, chargers and remotes for storage or moving, document your current setup and pack for easy reassembly in your new home. Settling in will be easier if electronics are packed using these storage and moving tips.

1. Back up computer data.

Before you disconnect your computer, back up your data on an external hard drive or in the cloud.

2. Note the way your electronics are currently installed.

Take a picture of cables and wires while they are attached and configured.

3. Use the original boxes, if you have them.

When it comes to technology, the safest way to transport your devices is in their original boxes. If those boxes are long gone, refer to your owner’s manual for special moving instructions before you start packing.

4. Take an inventory.

To help ensure everything is accounted for, add your phones, tablets, computers, televisions and electronics to your moving checklist. If gaming systems are on your list, make sure you include the cords, controllers and games. Double check discs are in their cases and don’t forget to include chargers for each of your devices.

5. Label cords and boxes.

Use cable labels or color code your devices and their corresponding cords with label dots, colored tape or even colored twist ties—particularly for identical (or identical-looking) cords. Another option is to tie all cords for one device together, and label the bundle with the device they belong to. If you’re packing multiple cords or electronics in the same box, write a list of all contents on the outside of the box with a medium or heavy marker so it’s easy to read.

6. Keep your warranties and owner’s manuals.

Pack paper manuals together in one, labeled box. Bookmark online manuals in a shared folder for easy installation.

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