5 Things to Remember When Moving Overseas

Moving abroad can seem like embarking on an exhilarating adventure or extended vacation. However, in practice, relocating overseas can also be incredibly stressful, overwhelming, and daunting. You are not just moving but, in a way, uprooting your entire life. 

Careful planning and a great international moving company can make moving overseas a smooth process that you do not need to dread or fear. However, preparing your move with plenty of time to spare can be vitally important. 

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1. Plan Your Move Well Ahead

The sooner you plan your overseas move, the better. International moves can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. However, planning weeks or even months ahead of the move date can help you get the best moving deals and prevent any last-minute panic. See our Complete Guide to the International Moving Process for additional information on how to plan your overseas move.

Get Quotes from Several International Moving Companies

When it comes to international moving services, make sure to take the time to ask for at least three quotes from different moving companies. Make sure the quotes include basic insurance and are accurate for the level of service you desire, such as a full or partial packing service. Ask about the types of materials used for packing and whether you will get a specific contact person at the moving company that can guide you and answer any questions throughout the move.

Gather Important Documents and Records

Getting all your important documents together can take some time. For example, you may want to start contacting your medical providers for medical and dental records and collect important insurance and legal documents. Make sure to make copies of all important paperwork such as birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, vaccination cards and other important papers. Keep the copies and originals in an easily accessible file. 

Downsize and Sell (or Donate)

Knowing early on what you want to bring overseas and what you want to leave behind can help make a big move much easier. Most importantly, decluttering and downsizing weeks ahead can help to cut down the size of your household, which saves you costs and hassle when moving. You can start, for example, by giving furniture away to friends or family members or by having a garage sale months before the move. 

Consider donating any unwanted clothing, craft supplies, or appliances to charities or local thrift stores. There is nothing worse than realizing you have a house full of items you no longer need or want and having to dispose of unwanted furniture or clothes days before an impending move overseas.

2. Consider Your Pets

Moving countries with pets can involve a stack of paperwork and various formalities. Find out about the rules and regulations in your host country as soon as you are planning your move. Be prepared that it could take several weeks to gather the relevant paperwork and get the necessary vaccinations for your pets.  

Ensure Your Pet Is Vaccinated Accordingly

Many countries will require vaccines for pets, such as rabies shots. In some cases, you may have to quarantine your pet for some months when you arrive. Make sure to consult your veterinarian for advice on how to handle the various requirements of the country you are moving to as far in advance as possible

Is Your Pet Healthy Enough to Handle a Big Move?

Unfortunately, sometimes a pet is simply either to young or too old or fragile to handle a stressful overseas move and may not survive the long flight or a months-long quarantine. Ask your veterinarian about their professional opinion before planning to move and travel with your pet. 

Gather the Necessary Documents 

Entering a country without having the necessary documents to prove your pet’s health and vaccination status can have upsetting consequences. Your pet could face quarantine or get detained at the border, for example. Avoid unnecessary stress on you and your pet by getting the necessary papers for travel & current health certificate.

3. Make Sure You Know Your Tax Responsibilities

According to Mark Twain, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. However, if you are a US citizen or green card holder, there is another certainty: regardless of where you live, you will most likely have to file a US tax return. Moreover, the country you are moving to will have its own tax regulations that you might be entirely unfamiliar with. 

It is never too early to find out about your tax obligations and plan accordingly. Owning property, having bank accounts and investments, or having a pension in a different country can come with a whole other set of complicated tax issues. Before you move, think about scheduling an appointment with an accountant, preferably one who has experience in dealing with ex-pat taxation issues.

4. Start the Organization Process Early 

You will be surprised how quickly time passes before your big move. There will be a lot to organize and arrange, such as making medical and dental appointments, getting your paperwork in order, and visiting friends and family before leaving. Before you know it, the moving date is approaching fast, and you are facing a few days and nights of manic packing before the international movers knock on your door. 

It does not have to be this way. Try to do some organizing in the weeks before your big move, concentrating on those items you do not need on a daily basis.  Ask you mover for some cartons to help organize and if you chose to pack some of these but do not seal the cartons. The packing crew will need to inspect and list on the packing inventory for security, insurance and customs reasons.

Get an International Mover to Pack and Unpack for You

If you simply cannot face the packing process or are too busy with work and family obligations, cut yourself some slack and schedule a full-service move. Suddath can help with a partial or full packing service and unpack again at your destination. We adhere to the highest international packing standards and use quality packing materials that ensure your items arrive in perfect condition. Let us do the packing and unpacking so you can enjoy your new country and home without losing any time on tedious moving tasks.

5. Contact Your International Moving Company

Make sure to contact your international movers 2-3 months before your move date to discuss moving preparations and timelines in detail. Inform them of any changes or necessary adjustments to the plan. Your moving coordinator will be working on all the logistics involved with your moves and can help with:

  • Confirming moving dates
  • Compiling the paperwork required
  • Arranging customs clearance
  • Helping you arrange temporary storage if required
  • Finalizing the details regarding packing and crating 

This is also a good time to go over your final contract with your move coordinator and confirm that all is correct. If you have been shopping or reduced your shipment it is critical you advise your move coordinator so they can add or deduce labor or container size. 

Contact Suddath for International Moving Services Today

Planning an overseas move can be exhausting. However, you do not have to struggle on your own. Suddath can help. We are international movers and organize around 16,000 overseas moves every year. We have the experience and knowledge required to make your overseas move a success and can assist with:

  • Transparent and fair pricing without hidden extras
  • A personalized moving service with your own move counselor
  • Packing with high-quality moving materials
  • Providing various shipping options tailored to your needs
  • Preparation of a customs inventory
  • Packing and unpacking service if required
  • An online system tracking your move
  • Help with your storage needs
  • Full insurance coverage

Whatever your specific overseas moving needs, we can make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. Speak to us today to learn more and request a free quote: +1-904-647-2750.